2011 Montana Circuit Tournament Results


Montana Circuit Top 10 Race - COMPLETE


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Montana Circuit 2011 Team of the Year Final Ranking


Fall Finale - COMPLETE


1st - Roger Terwilliger and Mary Goodson - 13.54 lbs
2nd - Mark Nuss and Gary Ticknor - 9.26lbs
3rd - Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel - 7.75lbs

The over all winners were long time tournament angler Roger Terwilliger from Bozeman and Mary Goodson from Big Sky. They not only won the overall but took top mixed couple, Top Lund Team and Top "Dinosaur category and also Largest walleye Day 1!

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STORY LINE: The Montana Walleye Circuits last stop was at Barry’s Landing on the Yellowtail Reservoir. No question, the location was by far the most scenic of all the circuit tourney locations. Its miles of canyon rock that seemed to go forever, to wild game in wild horses, deer, mountain sheep to even the sighting of a young black bear, made a great setting. As for the fishing, yes some eyes were being found, bass and sauger also. So the talk was that fish will be caught, question seemed to be by whom. Only the score board would tell.

DAY ONE: With a 23 team field, the tourney got started at 7 am Saturday morning under clear skies, sunshine and very little wind. Most of the teams made their way in the direction of the dam. Several traveled 20 plus miles in their search of eyes. In the end team 19, Roger Terwilliger of Bozeman and Mary Goodman of Livingston, found a fine weight 8.04 lbs and were the leaders on the board. Their biggest eye for the day got them a nice the Big Eye pot. The rest of the teams could find only a few fish each and scores were 2 to 4 lbs. Tourneys with small scores always have a greater chance the scores will change the second day. Day two will tell that story.

DAY TWO: With very little change in weather, the teams went on the search again. This day brought in less fish, better ones to non-leader teams. Team 13, Mark Nuss and Gary Ticknor, did their job with just two fish for 7.68lbs, with one of them being the big eye for the day good for the Big Eye pot. Team 20, Scott and Dave Collinsworth found their 5.76lbs to be good for 2nd best weigh of the day. The leader team 19, Roger Terwilliger and Mary Goodman found 2 eyes good for 5.50lbs and 3rd best weigh of the day. One thing for sure the score board would be close and with the tourney paying 7 top places more faces would have a smile as checks were being given out.

FINAL AWARDS: It was quite clear that two new faces would walk home the title this year. Team 19, Terwilliger and Goodman had their 13.54lbs hold up for the win and $2000 1st place money. Terwilliger is also 69 years old and this got him the Dinosaur Award. Then being this was a Mixed Couple team they took that $100 check and prizes home. Roger has supported the tourneys for years and certainly deserved this title. Mary just said “When can I do it again?” The second place check of $1000 went to team 13, Mark Nuss and Gary Ticknor, who moved up 13 spots on day two which got them the Cool Under Pressure prize of a set of trailer tires. Their 5.66 lb eye won the Big Eye Money pot and the new rods for biggest eye of the tourney. Team 15, Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel of Kalispell, had another fine Third Place finish for $600. This also captured them the ANGLER OF THE YEAR AWARDS for 2011. In 5 tourneys’ they placed in the top 5 four times, what a year!! In all, the tourney paid down 7 places for a total of $4,600 which was 100% of the entry fees from the teams. In addition, the sponsors helped the tourney have other awards for closest to the weigh, biggest bass, zero to hero, all of which just made more teams leave with something. (See pictures below on other prize winners)

As we began to leave this beautiful place with all its colors, I asked the tourney folks what about next year. They said we now have seen some numbers of eyes being caught (over 50 for tourney); we need to get a change so sauger can be kept and the tourney will grow.

Written by: Luckie Bethel, co-director Montana circuit

Fresno Challenge - COMPLETE

1st Place - Brian Olson and Dan Chovanak - 19.8 Lbs
2nd Place - Randy maul and Miles Riesinger - 15.06 Lbs
3rd Place - Allan Jackson and Matt Zeadow - 14.74 Lbs

Mixed Couple - Gary Perleberg and Margo Perleberg
Adult/Child - Ken Hengel and Lane Hengel

Biggest Walleye goes to Scott Achilles and Gary Lum at 4.26 pounds.

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STORY LINE: The first leg of the Montana Walleye Tournament Circuit took place on the well known Fresno reservoir near Havre, Monatna. As in years past it called THE FRESNO CHALLENGE, more because for the weather then the fishing. Again this year the weather played a huge roleor should we say wet role. Record spring rains and snow caused the water levels to reach their highest point in years. Camp grounds were flooded, docks had to be moved. But the fish were okay, they seemed to like the new water that had food in it. Prefish was wet, as more rains kept coming. Most of the talk was go get 5 eyes and keep as dry as possible. Teams found even the old BLACKIES bar to be new and called the WALLEYE TAVERN. It may of had new owners but their support and services was still second to none.

DAY ONE: The weather on day one met the 95 teams with the same, rain, and more rain.
But the fishing held it's own as 22 teams filled their cards with 5 eyes. The leading team # 92, Brain Olson of Havre and Dan Chovanak of Helena, fished multi spots very slow to get their 5 nice eyes for 11.28lbs and good for first place day money of $900. One of their eyes of 2.76lbs, found them with the big eye pot of $800. Team #22, Allan Jackson and Matt Zeadow of Townsend also had 5 eyes for 8.66lbs giving them second place day money of $700. There were 9 other top teams that took home day money checks as the tourney paid down 11 spots. It seemed to be the slow to slower presentations that paid off. Vertical jigs, casting light jigs, slip bobbers all had their place. Maybe the weather had a better day in mind on day two.

DAY TWO: What weather change?? Yes it did rain ONLY harder if that means anything. But nineteen teams had their wipers on and came in with 5 eyes. That consistent team #92, Olson and Chovanck, lead the way again with 5 that weighted in at 8.52 lbs good for another $900 day check. Team # 9, Dick Wunderlick of Ronan and Ken Druyvestein of Polson found there way to second place day money of $700 with 5 eyes for 8.22lbs. The big eye of 4.26 lbs for day two belonged to team #58, Scott Achilles and Gary Lum of Great Falls good for the $800 pot. Nine other top weight teams took home day money checks and because the weights were so close the FINAL places would change by very small amounts.

FINALS: When a tenth of a pound made a difference of one or two spots in the two day final weights you know just how close things were. Team #92, Olson and Chovanck, with their consistent fishing did run away with top award money of $2000 with a total weight of 19.8lbs.
But the interesting team was # 41, Randy Maul of Billings and Miles Riesinger of Roundup, as they used their slip bobber presentation to collect 7.79lbs day one for 5th place money of $400 and another 7.27lbs day two for 11th place day money of $100 for a total of 15.06lbs. This pushed them all the way up to second place final and another $1500 check. The top 10 teams in total weight took home checks in the finals.

In the end the rain had begun to stop, the wet crowd headed home and the Walleye Unlimited Chapter, along with the Walleye Tavren staff worked cleanup. I asked them how they felt about
next year, all they said was “we will do it any if the rain doesn't wash us away!!!” Really it's great to see the wet weather but enough is enough.

Written by: Luckie Bethel, co-director Montana circuit


1st - Brian Olson and Dan Chovanak

2nd - Randy Maul and Miles Riesinger

3rd - Allan Jackson and Matt Zeadow

4th - Eric Barlow and Jim Kirkpatrick

5th - Kennie Williams and Travis Scott


Tiber Tournament - COMPLETE

Ken Seay/Marlin Cross - 27.6 pounds - 1st
Ken Druyvestein/Dick Wunderlich - 22.26 pounds - 2nd
Terry Druyvestein/Paul Druyvestein - 20.2 pounds - 3rd
Scott Collinsworth/David Collinsworth - 19.86 pounds - 4th
Robert Hickey/Jason Mundel - 19.84 pounds - 5th


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STORY LINE: The second leg of the 2011 Montana walleye circuit is now on the books. The Tiber Walleye tournament was held on June 10th and 11th. There was no question that the rains and high waters causing bad roads had the field down to 98 teams. The weather in prefish was wet to say the least, and the water was rising at over a foot a day giving the entire body of water a different look. Campground talk was interesting as teams watched their normal land marks disappear. But the fish were fine; they seemed to like the new waters and food chains that came with it. Numbers and size of eyes were said to be up from last year . The question was "will this be the year for new record weight?” Only the score board would tell.

DAY ONE: The weather met the teams with a smile and sunshine. The fish did the same as 35 teams filled their card with 5 eyes. They were lead by the father and son team #40 from Anaconda, Scott and David Collinsworth. They had a 5 fish weight of 15.22 lbs which got them the top day money of $1,000. They also had the big eye of the day of 6.68 lbs, which got them another $800. Team# 24, Ken Seay and Marlin Cross of Great Falls, were right on their heels with 14.96 lbs that was good for $750 of day money. There were 20 other teams that took home day money checks because of the excellent 3 in 1 format used by this tourney. One good hook set along with some good backer fish and any of the teams could take home the trophy for 2011.

DAY TWO: Again the weather was nice. There were flat winds for the most part. That, along with the key fishing spots getting lots of pressure made things tough. Only 11 teams filled their cards making the score board go nuts with changes. The exception was team #24, Seay and Cross who kept to themselves and fished less pressured areas. It paid off big time with a full card of 5 fish for 12.64 lbs and the top day money of a $1,000. But then there was team #80, Mike and Dean McCabe of Great Falls and Circle, with a bag of eyes weighting 11.88lbs that was good for $750 day money. The Polson/Ronan team #35 of Ken Druyvestin and Dick Wunderlick got off the water with a fine weight of 11.35 that was good for third place day money of $650. Another 19 teams took home day money as this tourney paid down 22 positions in day checks . One team #26, Finkbeiner and Vern Parrow of Belgrade, had only one eye, but it was 6.68 lbs for biggest eye worth $800 and put them in 17th place for the day which was good for another $140.

FINAL PAY OUTS: As the dust (water) settled, things became clear that team #24 of Seay and Cross of Great Falls, using the lesser pressured spots to fish, had put together a winning two day weight of 27.6 lbs. It was not a record but it made them a fine $3,000 check and the traveling trophy. Team #35, Druyvesstin and Wunderlick of Polson/Ronan, using a vertical jig presentation, found their 22.26 lbs good for second overall and a nice $1,500 check. Eight more teams got final checks as the tourney paid the top 11 teams in the finals. This means nearly 40 teams of the 98 teams took home checks using this excellent format. In addition to these cash awards, prizes were given to the mixed couple team, of Gorden and Tonya Madson of Ennis, top adult/child took home $100 and prizes, they were Ken and Lane Hengel of Belgrade. When you add prizes for the top dinosaur award (persons over 62), multi species, closest to the weight, middle of the field and big northerns, nearly half of the teams went home with something in hand. This tourney has its success because of the people running it, their sponsors and this excellent format.

When I asked what they would change for 2012, the people said "more fish and bigger fish make for a better tourney". The Tiber fishery, with the new water and the food chain, is turning into one of the neatest in the state of Montana. Find it, you will like it!

Written by: Luckie Bethel, co-director Montana circuit

Top Ranger

Top Lund

Top Mixed

Adult Child

6th Place



Canyon Ferry Festival - COMPLETE

Shane Pursley/Pat Reardon (15.91 lbs) 1st
Jim Muscat/Dave Greger (15.75 lbs) 2nd
Joe Sobczak/Art Sobczak (11.8 lbs) 3rd
Terry Eisenbarth/Cody Eisenbarth (11.11 lbs) 4th
Robert Hickey/Jason Mundel (10.93 lbs) 5th

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STORY LINE: The 13th annual Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival, which also was the third leg of the 2011 Montana walleye circuit, was held on June 24th and 25th. Record water flows coming in made the south end bite very tough to none in pre fish. Mid-lake fishing was at its highest ever. The weather in pre fish was excellent, some winds with lots of sunshine. But what about the fish?? Where were they or were there any left?? That seemed to be the campground talk. No question, the number and the quality of fish was way behind, small classes of eyes could be found. But someone always finds the bigger ones during the tourney, or will they? Only the score board would tell.

DAY ONE: Great weather met the 150 teams at the 6:00 am start time. The stream of boats that used to go south didn't, north was the direction. Like the pre fish, lots of small fish were found, a few that would weigh in at 14 inches. Only 15 teams filled their cards of 5 eyes and only 3 eyes were 4lbs or better. The leader’s day one, team # 47, Shane Pursley of Helena and Pat Reardon of Manhattan, found that one good hook set for an 8.08 lb eye and 4 other to back it gave them 12.76lbs. The big eye found them the winners of the big eye pot of $1,450. A father / son team # 86, Terry and Cody Eisenbarth of Great Falls brought in a good weight of 4 eyes for 10.08lbs and found them in second place. From there the weights dropped to 5 to 6 lbs, which means very small fish. The presentation of choice seemed to be slow, vertical jigs, very little on the cast, 16 to 20 foot depth. Would more big fish show up on day two? We could only wait and see.

DAY TWO: The weather was kind with some stronger winds in the afternoon. The fishing didn't pick up; it went downhill, with only 6 teams filling cards. One team #45, Jim Muscat of Bozeman and Dave Greger of the Gallitin let it all hang out and went SOUTH. They worked cranks through all the debris and found some nice eyes waiting. They turned 5 eyes for 12.36 lbs, with one of them being 3.66lbs that was good for the big eye pot of $1,450. The teams filling their cards found they climbed the score board. No question the final weights were going to be small and still cash a check.

FINALS: Interesting to say the least, the Canyon Ferry tourney would be won by less than 20lbs. In fact, the day one leader, team# 47 of Pursley and Reardon, found two small fish day two for 3.15 lbs and turned in the winning weight of 15.91 lbs to take home the $10,000 check. The team #45, of Muscat and Greger, almost pulled off the comeback, having only 3.39 lbs day one, then finding 12.36 lbs day two for a total of 15.75 lbs and a nice second place finish check of $5,000. The tourney paid out 25 final top weights along with mixed couple and adult child moneys down 3 places. Even a 13 ¼ inch northern was found and made $100 for team #23, HP Nuernberger and Jon Stroller of Billings, a couple of Montana’s best pike fishermen. In the end the fishery left lots of questions. Was it lack of eyes, lack of quality eyes, lack of food or the high water conditions that made the scores so low? When asking the tourney staff, who along with the Chamber sponsors, did an excellent job to put on this event, what they thought, they answered “we can only hope the fishing gets better”.

As for next years tourney, there is no lack of enthusiasm with this group and the Chamber, as they already are planning to make the EVENT better!!!

Written by: Luckie Bethel, co-director Montana circuit

A special thanks to Lund and Townsend Marine for being such strong supporters of the tournament and circuit. Also a special thanks to Big R who provided most of what was used for scoring -- weigh boards, boat boards, weigh cards, and funds for other scoring supplies.

Thank You to the local 2011 Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival Sponsors:
Graymont Western – Townsend Plant
Lund Boats and Townsend Marine
Sandy Mac Distributing
State Bank of Townsend
American Federal Savings Bank
Townsend Drug & Spirits
Upper Missouri River Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited
Designer Tackle
FishTale Tavern
Commercial Bar
Silos Inn – Silos KOA
Snappy’s Sport Senter
Lund Boat sponsored by Bob’s Supermarket and Townsend Marine
Thank You to the 2011 Montana Walleye Circuit Sponsors:
Lund Boats and Townsend Marine
Mercury Motors
Ranger Boats and One Way Marine
Big R Stores
Minn Kota
Simms Fishing
A to Z Tires
K2 Lasorworks
Scheels Sports – Billings
Berkley – Fenwick - Pflueger
Lewistown Taxidermy
Region 3 of Walleyes Unlimited
Bob and Patti Hickey
Coca Cola of Great Falls and Lewistown
Ballyhoo Printing and Design –Lewiswtown
Flathead Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited


Fall Classic - COMPLETE

The Fall Classic tournament paid out 1st place Adult/Child $300.00 plus prizes and plaque, 2nd place Adult/Child $200.00 plus prizes, 1st place Dinosaur $200.00 plus prizes and plaque, 1st place Mixed/Couple $200.00 plus prizes and plaque. The tournament also paid out $100.00 daily to closest to 5lbs of walleye, largest smallmouth bass, and most species. Tons of prizes and lots of fun, largest Walleye and Northern were worth 540.00 per day. Largest Walleye of the tournament was a 31.5 inch piggy walleye, caught by Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel, this is also largest Walleye of the Circuit so far, and largest Northern was a whopping 43 inch, 22 lb monster, caught by Raye Cole and Steve Thomas.


1st Place Dan Pluth and Jim Brown - 30.65 pounds - $2400 payout

2nd Jim Muscat and Dave Greger - 30.54 pounds - $1600 payout

3rd Jason Mundel and Bob Hickey - 27.02 pounds - $1100 payout

4th Patrick Slater and Sam Cotterell - 22.84 pounds - $950 payout

2nd place - Adult/Child -Ken and Lane Hengel - 20.28 pounds - $650 payout

Family/Novice - Chris Mann and Mike Holmberg - 4.01 pounds - $250 payout

Mixed Couples Terry and Loretta Druyvestein - 15.61 pounds - $200 payout

1st place - Adult/Child - Mike and Bobby McElvain - 21.62 pounds - $1150 payout

Top Dinosaur - Sam Cotterell and Luckie Bethel - 22.84 pounds - $200 payout

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Story Line: 2011 Fall Classic

STORY LINE: Unbelievable!! Simple word with lots of meaning and is the best word for the 2011 Fall Classic. If you had never been to a tourney and seen how one should be run this Fall Classic, 55 miles of gravel to Crooked Creek, would have been one to see or be in. With the waters back up, the Lewistown Walleyes Unlimited Chapter put on an event that will be talked about for sometime. As for the fishing it was okay, not great, but sure had smiles on the faces as numbers of eyes were being found. The issue was who would find the size needed to take home the title. Only the score board would tell that story.

Day One: With the water high and weather hot, 50 teams were off to find those special size eyes. Some teams had good success, others less, but it seemed that most teams found the bite to be much less then prefish. However team # 8, Bob Hickey of Kalispell and Jason Mundel of Coran, lead the field with 5 eyes for a nice weight of 20.88 lbs, with one being 12.7 lbs and won them the $580 big eye pot. No question this team is one of top teams in Montana today and they live miles away from the waters they have to fish. Another one of Montana’s best teams, team # 45 Jim Muscat and Dave Greger of Bozeman, got 5 eyes for a weight of 18.38 lbs and second place for the day. Team #26, Patrick Slater of Powell Wyoming and Sam Cotterall of Bozeman, found their 5 eyes for 15.3 lbs to be good for third place of the day. Forty five teams weighted eyes day one and 26 filled their cards. With the bite like it was and the fact that we were on Fort Peck, the tourney was far from over as other teams sat in the position to have the right bite and move up the score board. Would they?? Only day two would tell that story.

Day Two: The weather was a factor as the field of 50 teams headed out. Winds were much stronger and switched to the north east which changed the bite for many teams. Twenty teams found their 5 eyes to fill their cards and no 30 inch hogs were caught. But one team # 47, Dan Pluth of Gallatin and Jim Brown of Livingston, lead the day as their deep water presentation between old and new willow lines held true and they filled their card of 5 eyes for 16.81 lbs, which included one for 8.58 lbs and good for the $580. Team 45, Muscat and Greger, weighted another 5 eyes for second place day weight of 12.16 lbs. Team # 21, Mike and Bobby McElvain of Billings, an adult/child team, had the only other weight in the teens with 5 eyes for 11.5 lbs. The scores fell off from there with lots of 6 to 9 lb weights. As in many tourney’s the new second day weights would change the outcome of the tourney in many ways. But how close would it be???

Final Scores: Tourneys come down to close scores but this one might be the closest ever as places were determined by hundredths of a pound. Team # 47, Pluth and Brown, came from a two fish 4th place day one to capture the 2011 Fall Classic title with a total of 30.65 lbs good for $2400. This edged out team 45, Muscat and Greger, who had 30.54 lbs good for the second place check of $1600. First day leaders, team #8, Hickey and Mundel took the 3rd place check of $1100 with 27.02 lbs. Team #26, Slater and Cotterell, held on to their 4th place with 22.84 lbs good for $950. Cotterell also captured the Dinosaur Award which is for the person 62 or older that has the best two day weight. He proved that you are never too old to fish and win. The father and son team #21, Mike and Bobby McElvain, really had a weekend, not only taking home the Adult Child prizes and money but they took home the overall 5th place check of $850 with 21.62 lbs. What a smile this put on the face of this young angler, Bobby, and made us all see what these tourney’s can do for all ages. The tourney paid the top 13 places which is excellent for a 50 team event. But more important was the many other categories the tourney did to get so many teams going home with something. They had day places for biggest bass, multi species, closest to the weight of 5 lbs, biggest northern and walleye. Top boat brands were paid money for Ranger, Lund and one for all other brands. A new category called novice class, which is for beginner teams found checks. Adult child and mixed couples paid down two positions.
(See all results in the pictures and scores below).

Summary: This is one remote Montana tourney that has earned its reputation with its staff and sponsors. The most impressive thing was the attitudes and desire of the staff and sponsors. They went out of their way in so many little ways to make sure they provided the service needed to the teams. When asked about next year they replied “keep the water up and we will make it even better”

Written by: Luckie Bethel, co-director Montana circuit




Thanks to all of our sponsors!
2011 Fall Classic Walleye tournament sponsors

Crooked Creek Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited
Bar 19 and Western lounge, Lewistown, Mt.
406-538-4949 406-535-9075
Don’s store and Captain Bob’s Army, Navy surplus, Lewistown, Mt.
406-538-9408 406-538-2122
Lewistown News Argus, Lewistown, Mt. /406-535-3401
Midtown Market, Harlowton, Mt. /406-632-5570
Mike Mcelvain/State Farm Insurance, Billings, Mt. /406-248-1213
Flathead Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited
Coca-Cola of Great Falls and Havre
Tammi’s Uniglobe Travel, Lewistown, Mt. /406-538-4994
Thad’s tackle shop, Olney, Mt. /406-881-2819
Lewistown Honda/406-538-9435
Depot Express, Lewistown, MT. /406-535-9227
Deer Creek Dental Lewistown, MT. /406-535-6317
Rich Nearhoof
Sunshine Auto, Great Falls, Mt. /406-761-7364
Pourman’s Café, Lewistown Mt. 535-4277


Where does the conservation fee money go?

Over the years this question above has been asked, and the only folks that knew, were the tournament directors. We decided as a group that this information should be published. It is great for everyone to know how this money is being spent.

If your wondering what the conservation fee is, here it is. Every Montana Walleye tournament charges the anglers a $10.00 per team conservation fee. This fee is part of FWP, and angler groups, working together to give back to the local fisheries. It can be used for many things, but the bottom line is, it must be used at the fishery where the tournament took place and must help to enhance, the fishery in some way.

Here is a rundown on where the fee went at each Montana Walleyes Unlimited Circuit tournament:
1. Fresno used that money for their Christmas tree habitat project and their annual kids fishing day.
2. Tiber and Canyon Ferry used that money to help with their Christmas tree, habitat projects.
3. Fall Classic helped install a new selective harvest sign at Crooked Creek Marina.
4. Fall Finale helped FWP financially with supplies for walleye biology on Yellow Tail Reservoir.



Broadwater Rod & Gun Walleye Derby - COMPLETE

Thank you to everyone who fished the Broadwater Rod & Gun Walleye Derby this past weekend in Townsend. Congratulations to Carol Campbell who caught at 26" Walleye! All together there were 97 Walleye caught with a total weight of 111.25 pounds.

1st Overall - Curt and Carol Campbell - $600
Big Walleye - Curt and Carol Campbell - $510
Male/Female 1st Place - Curt and Carol Campbell - $400
Adult/Child 1st Place - Tim March and Troy Suprlock - $400
Female/Female 1st Place - Sahwna McCartney and Rachel Stubbendeck - $400

Thank you to all of the sponsors of this event: Bunkhouse Bar, Broadwater Rod & Gun Club, Reller's Bent Willow, Kit's Tackle, Designer Tackle, Townsend Area Chamber of Commerce, and Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival for the Youth Raffle and a huge thanks to State Bank of Townsend for supporting the tournament.

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Glasgow/Ft Peck Women’s Walleye Tournament - COMPLETE

The 11th Annual Women's Walleye Fishing Tournament will be held Saturday, July 30th. 80% Payout of Cash and Prized. $80/Team and ages 12 - 17 must be with an adult partner.

Newly updated form, please be sure you have all the info!

Click here for the application


John Arnold Tournament - COMPLETE


Nine teams fish this years John Arnold Tournament hosted by Upper Missouri River Walleyes Unlimited.  This small tournament is held on Hauser Lake at York Bridge.  Below are some photos from the event

Mike and Johnelle Cook some Walleye after the event

Roxanne and Tom shared the biggest Walleye with Shannon and Jim

Shannon and Jim - 1st Place

Biggest Perch


Fort Peck Lake Championship Walleyes Unlimited Series


2011 Fort Peck Circuit Wrap-up

Dan Majeske and Scott MacIntrye capture Angler and Team of the year in 2011 Fort Peck Lake Championship Walleyes Unlimited Series

The 2nd year of the new tournament trail certainly proved to be a huge success with approximately 300 different anglers competing in the Rock Creek, Hell Creek and Governor’s Cup Walleye fishing tournament. The competitors were able to combine their best two tournaments to demonstrate their collective efforts in the Fort Peck Championship Series. The overall number of participants increased slightly from the previous season. All three tourneys are planning continued participation for 2012 and staff from all three tournaments look forward to bigger and better things for the upcoming season.

Fort Peck Reservoir provided anglers with decent fishing for much of the 2011season. However, Mother Nature once again showed who’s boss by initiating some inopportune weather pattern changes right before several of the events and made the fishing a little tough for many. Fort Peck was at record levels and flooded out both Rock Creek Marina and Fort Peck Marina at times during the year. The marina operators and staff demonstrated their Montana resilience and kept the facilities open in at least a partial capacity through the rapidly raising water. All in all the tournaments were extremely well run, well received and most importantly an excellent experience for the anglers. The season opener was one by Billings’ anglers Dan “Magic Man” Majeske and Scott MacKenzie who put together two phenomenal days of fishing at the 2011 Rock Creek Walleyes Tournament and nearly eclipsed the long standing Fort Peck and Montana record ten - fish limit of 93.58 pounds from 2007, set by Glasgow’s Todd Riggs and Ken Schmidt. The Rock Creek Walleye Tournament has offered a $1000 Bounty to any team topping the record. Majeske and MacKenzie (M & M) came close with a two-day limit of 86.80 pounds and included big fish of the tournament with a 33 ½ 15.44 pound behemoth to start the day on Sunday. This weight is believed to be the second highest weight of all-time from any 2 day/ten fish walleye event from across Montana. The top-team used jigs and minnows with a near vertical presentation to pull the walleyes out of a very full and snag filled reservoir. The M & M team went on the Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament and placed a respectable 5th place. The championship was not decided until the final event and the Governor’s Cup winners Craig Hallock and Dallas Smith had the opportunity to knock off Majeske and MacKenzie but they would have needed a 4 place finish or better to do so. Kris Keller and Levi Sugg put together two consistent days of fishing to become back to back winners of the Hell Creek Walleye tourney. Keller and Sugg edged out day 1 leaders, Casey Thomas and Marvin Loomis, who ended up in 2nd place. All of the awards will presented at the state convention

Thanks to the sponsors of the Fort Peck Championship Walleye Series including Nemont Beverage & Budweiser, Hi-Line Ford, Mon-Dak Marine, Malta Marine, GIt-n-Go, Rock Creek Marina and all of the sponsors of each event for helping to make the tournament series a tremendous success.

The proposed tournament dates for 2012 are as follows – Rock Creek Walleye Tournament June 2 & 3, Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament July 12-14, and the Hell Creek Walleye Tournament 21 & 22. Here are the top ten finishers for 2011. The Adult/Child award goes to Tyler Mindt and Randy Aten and the Mixed couple award went to Bill and Marlyce Dasinger of Wolf Point.
1st - Dan Majeske
Scott Mackenzie
2nd - Norm Sillerud
3rd - Bill Sinks
4th - Kris Keller
5th - Kevin Anthony
6th - Randy Hurst
Todd Dooley
7th - Marty Oyloe
8th - Levi Sugg
9th - Kevin Harper
Mark Jones
10th - Jake Hatzenbiler

Cash and awards for top finishers for 2012

1.The top three places for Angler of the Year award will receive the following – 1st place $1000.00, 2nd place $500 & 3rd place $250 and plaques for all.
2.The highest placing Team of the Year will receive $250.00 and top three places will receive plaques.
3.The highest place Adult/child Team will receive $200.00, plus 2 Rod and Reel combos donated by Mon-Dak Marine and Malta Marine. The top three teams will all receive plaques.
4.The highest place Adult/child Team will receive $200.00, plus 2 Rod and Reel combos donated by Mon-Dak Marine and Malta Marine. The top three teams will all receive plaques.
5.The Largest Walleye Caught and released in the Championship Series will receive $1000.00 and plaques, donated by Hi-Line Ford of Glasgow, Git-N-Go and J & M Distributing both of Wolf Point.




Fort Peck Championship Series


Angler of the Year Race - Unofficial standings after Rock Creek and Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournaments.  There are numerous other anglers that may still qualify if they have fished either Rock Creek or Gov Cup and go on to fish Hell Creek this weekend. The race for angler of the year is very close and should be an exciting weekend at Hell Creek!

Final results are in!!  Click here to review the full listings.

Rock Creek Walleye Tournament - COMPLETE

Bounty Hunters Dan Majeske and Scott MacKenzie shoot for Rock Creek Record Weight, By Steve Harada

Billings’ anglers Dan “Magic Man” Majeske and Scott MacKenzie put together two phenomenal days of fishing at the 2011 Rock Creek Walleyes Tournament and nearly eclipsed the long standing Fort Peck and Montana record ten - fish limit of 93.58 pounds from 2007, set by Glasgow’s Todd Riggs and Ken Schmidt. The Rock Creek Walleye Tournament has offered a $1000 Bounty to any team topping the record. Majeske and MacKenzie came close with a two-day limit of 86.80 pounds and included big fish of the tournament with a 33 ½ 15.44 pound behemoth to start the day on Sunday. This weight is believed to be the second highest weight of all-time from any 2 day/ten fish walleye event from across Montana. The top-team used jigs and minnows with a near vertical presentation to pull the walleyes out of a very full and snag filled reservoir. Majeske demonstrated his versatility by not sticking to his tried and true crank bait attack and between him and MacKenzie they definitely pegged the presentation the walleyes wanted. The championship team took home $1800 for 1st place and additional $840 for big-fish pot. Second place with an also very impressive weight goes to North Dakota anglers Marty Oyloe from Williston and Sheldon Meidinger of Bismark with 55.34 pounds and received $1200. Third place honors and $1000 went to adult/child team of Randy Aten from Fairview and Taylor Mindt of Lambert with a very respectable 53.0 pounds from 7 fish. Aten and Mindt also won an extra $200 for the adult/child competition.

The mixed couple award was captured by Bill and Marlys Dasinger from Wolf Point with a two-day weight of 25.02 and 14th place overall. The “Cool Under Pressure Award” was presented to the adult/child team of Mike and Bobby McElvain from Billings, who went from zero to tenth place overall and a second day catch of 28.85 pounds.
It appears the home field advantage theory didn’t play much of a factor in this year’s event. Nineteen double digit walleyes were recorded and only 3 teams caught their 10 fish limit.

A total of 44 teams competed in the 2011 event and had a total payout of $7200 or a shade over 86% payback after the $10 conservation fee. The top 20% of teams took home a check. Congratulations to all of the top teams and thanks to everyone who fished the annual Rock Creek Walleye Tournament. Thanks to tournament sponsors Nemont Beverage of Glasgow, Wolf Point Walleyes Unlimited and the Rock Creek Marina.

Top 5 - 2011 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament Results

Dan Majeski/Scott Mackenzie - 1st (85.80 lbs)
Marty Oyloe/Sheldon Meidinger - 2nd (58.34)
Randy Aten/Taylor Mindt - 3rd (53.00)
Jake hatzenbiler/Luke Sundby - 4th (45.02)
Dale Smithson/Trevor Johnson - 5th (43.54)

Click here for the full results

Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament - COMPLETE


Hell Creek Walleye Tournament July - COMPLETE

1st- Kris Keller/ Levi Sugg
2nd- Casey Thomas/ Marvin Loomis
3rd- Rocky Burman/ Bruce Storlie
Mixed Couple-PJ Hoverson/ Allison Hoverson
Adult/ Child- Bill Sinks/ Dereck Sinks