2013 Montana Circuit Tournament Results


2013 Fort Peck Championship - Final

By Steve Harada

This is the second corrected version of the first wrap-up and my most sincere apologies for the first two versions that inaccurately stated the team of the year results.

The Montana Walleyes Unlimited Fort Peck Championship Series ended up with Kris Keller winning the Angler of the Year Competition, with 198.46 points, Trevor Johnson was runner-up with 195.38 points and Ken Schmidt finished in third place with a total of 193.72 points. The Team of the Year competition was won by Kris Keller and Charlie Redfield from Wolf Point who accumulated a total of 184.29 points by a very impressive 2nd place finish at Rock Creek and an 18th place finish at the MT Governor’s Cup. These anglers have consistently put in stellar finishes in the Fort Peck Championship Series and congratulations to Charlie and Kris! Kyle Vine of Vida and Colby Tognetti from Bismarck, North Dakota finished in Second place for the Championship Series with 180.77 Series points. These two young guns had a 7th place finish at Rock Creek Tourney and 13th place at the MT Gov Cup. Third place Team of the Year went to the always consistent Townsend anglers Kristopher Meier from and Dewey Vogl, with 177.52 points. The Adult/Child series winners were Mike & Bobby McElvain. Mixed Couple honors went to Traci & Steve Harada, runners up were Sharon & Rick Larson, who also ended up with the largest walleye caught and released in the 2013 series, the 33 incher that the adoring couple popped at Rock Creek. Third place went to Carley and Whit Rush from Wolf Point. Congratulations to these top teams and anglers of the year and great job on their consistent Fort Peck fishing! 

The 2013 Fort Peck Championship Series was proved to be great fishing for all three events in the Series, Rock Creek, Hell Creek and The Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournaments. Fishing was awesome and anglers were provided with many opportunities to network with other anglers, fish Fort Peck Reservoir, catch lots of fish and have a chance to win some money. Rock Creek started out the first weekend in June with an epic weekend of Walleye fishing by Glasgow legends, Norm Sillerud and JR Rasmusan who caught an unbelievable 88.96 pounds with their 10 fish limited. Second place went to Kris Keller and Charlie Redfield with an impressive 72.6 pounds and third place honors were captured by Ken Schmidt and Trevor Johnson with 53.36 pounds. The largest walleye went to mixed couple, Rick and Sharon Larson of Havre, with a 33 inch, 14.72 pound behemoth. Rick and Sharon also ended up in 6th place in the tourney and won the mixed couple award, with 50.36 pounds. The adult/child competition was captured by Mike and Bobby McElvain with 44.62 pounds and an 8th place overall finish. Wow, almost 45 pounds and 8th place! Not a bad bite at the Big Dry Arm of Fort Peck. 

The MT Governor’s Cup was next and was won by the Leigh, Nebraska mixed couple, Mike and Cheryl Johnson, with 43.64 pounds. Second place was won by the adult/child team Cole and Dan Barton from Gillette, Wyoming and third place was won by Glasgow’s, Ken Schmidt and Mark Jones from Billings. The 2013 Gov Cup paid out 100% of the entry fees and awarded day money, big fish pots and numerous other merchandise products. Angler’s certainly had ample chances to win some money, prizes or both and it was an overall great event hosted by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and more volunteers than you can imagine. 

The famous Hell Creek Walleye Tournament followed up the next weekend and this year’s event was won by Kris Keller of Wolf Point and Trevor Johnson of Helena, with 44.57 pounds. Second place went Cal and Chad Phipps of Jordan with 37.02 pounds, followed by Kristopher Meier and Dewey Vogl both from Townsend with 36.08 pounds. The adult/child competition was won by the amazing father & son team of Mike and Bobby McElvain from Billings, with 24.76 pounds. Traci Harada and Steve from Wolf Point were the mixed/couple winners with 21.92 pounds. 

Thanks to the 360 anglers who fished the Fort Peck Championship Series and also big thanks to our sponsors Budweiser, Nemont Beverage, Git-n-Go, Hiline Ford, J & M Distributing, Mon-Dak Marine, Westside Sports, Paul’s Glass, Peavey Elevator, Rock Creek, Hell Creek and the Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournaments for all of their support. The 2014 Fort Peck Championship Series looks to be an exciting tournament trail with a few new awards in the works. 

Bob and mike – Mike & Bobby McElvain – Adult/child champions

Kris_13_2 –Kris Keller - Angler of the Year

Kristopher Meier & Dewey Vogl – Team of the Year – Runners up

Kyle Colbly – Kyle Vine and Colby Tognetti –Team of the Year Champions

Rick & Sharon Larson – Largest Walleye Caught & Released in the 2013 Series – 14.72 pounds

Steve & Traci Harada – Mixed Couple Champions

Trevor Johnson –Angler of the Year Runner-up


Final Results from all Fort Peck Tournaments



Walleye Circuit - Final





2013 Fall Classic

 It’s amazing how another year of Montana tournament fishing is done! Fall Classic was once again a lot of fun in a remote and beautiful part of our great State. The bite turned tough due to 2 to 4 inches of rain the weekend before the event and 7 days of East winds, but even with the bite on the tough side, seems everyone had a good time. The tournament had 45 teams and we paid out 12 places. Fall Classic also paid out an additional $1,250.00 to the top Adult/Child, Mixed Couples, Top Dinasour, largest Smallmouth bass, Most Species, closest to 5lbs, and highest placing other boat and with the huge amount of Circuit prizes and local sponsorships, the odds of walking away with something at the Fall Classic was very good!

The top team of Steve Thomas and Ray Cole won the tournament Cranking in the Narrow’s, Awesome job guys!

Top Adult/Child team was the 2nd Place team of Andy and Breyden Rose
Top Mixed Couples was the team of Gordon and Tanya Matson
Top Dinosaur was Dick Wunderlich
Cool Under Pressure went to Travis Scott and Kennie Williams
Largest Walleye of the tournament and largest Walleye released on the circuit went to Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel, a 33 inch hog!

Ton’s of other prizes and other awards were paid out through the weekend.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our local sponsors, Circuit sponsors, weigh boats, and volunteers that make this event happen!

Please take a look at our sponsors and support them, next time you’re in their business thank them for sponsoring the Fall Classic and the Montana Walleye Circuit!

Fall Classic local sponsors:

Crooked Creek, Billings and Flathead Chapter of WUL, Do-All Construction, Don’s Store, k-2 Lazerworks, KDA Enterprises, Lewistown Honda, Intermountain Distributing and Budweiser, Lewistown News Argus, Lewistown Sports, Midtown Market, Mike McElvain/State Farm Insurance, Rich Nearhoof, Tammi’s Travel, Thad’s Tackle shop, Western Lounge, Lewistown Taxidermy(Dan Gill), Harper Masonry.

Congratulations to the top 10 finishers!

1. Steve Thomas - Ray Cole - 32.9 lbs
2. Andy Rose - Breyden Rose - 30.73 lbs
3. Tim Marsh - Mike Marsh - 28.24 lbs
4. Ken Druyvestein - Dick Wunderlich - 26.72 lbs
5. Bob Hickey - Jason Mundel - 26.26 lbs
6. Roger Terwilliger - Matt Zeadow - 25.06 lbs
7. Travis Scott - Kennie Williams - 24.08 lbs
8. Mike McElvain - Bobby McElvain - 24.08 lbs
9. Brain Olson - Dan Majeske - 23.82 lbs
10. Marvin Edeler - Ron Edeler - 22.16 lbs

1st Place Ray Cole and Steve Thomas with a total of 32.9 lbs

2nd Place Top Adult Child Andy and Breyden

3rd Place Tim and Mike Marsh

Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel with the largest Walleye CAUGHT AND RELEASED out of all of the Walleye Circuits this year, at 33 inches!

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2013 Women's Tournament

Congratulations to the top 10 finishers!

1. Yvette Phillips - Sharlene Schmidt - 22.02 lbs
2. Deb Dulaney Heather - Dulaney - 16.46 lbs
3. Traci Harada - Kiyo Ruhd - 16.40 lbs
4. TeAra Bilbruck - Keegan Jensen - 14.06 lbs
5. Penny McNary - Myla Barton - 13.92 lbs
6. Kelly Sillerud - Kim Sillerud - 11.76 lbs
7. Shelley Pankratz - Jan Pankratz - 11.74 lbs
8. Becky Erickson - Mary Lamb - 11.50 lbs
9. Kristen Strohm - Cortnee Albright - 11.34 lbs
10. Alicia Nielsen - Lacey Flaten - 11.26 lbs

1st Place - Yvette Phillips and Sharlene Schmidt of Glasgow, MT

Reel Women Fish!


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2013 Gov Cup

Congratulations to the top 10 finishers!

1. Mike & Sheryl Johnson - 43.64 lbs
2. Dan & Cole Barton - 41.6 lbs
3. Ken Schmidt & Mark Jones - 40.38 lbs
4. Todd Young & Trent Young - 37.34 lbs
5. Kevin Harper & Bill Legate - 37.06 lbs
6. Mark Ferrell & Dalon Dyke - 35.76 lbs
7. Shawn Melland & Brad Sanford - 34.4 lbs
8. Brent Smith & Jake Morris - 34.06 lbs
9. Myron Sylte & Michael Hartman - 33.2 lbs
10. Dustin Mortenson & Jason Eggebrecht - 32.64 lbs

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2013 Tiber

Congratulations to the top 10 finishers!
Gordy and Tanya Matson - 43.52 lbs
Jack Schilla and Leonard Bauer - 35.9 lbs
Andy and Breydan Rose - 30.58 lbs
Terry and Cody Eisenbarth - 29.93 lbs
Ron White and Jeff Ingram - 29.34 lbs
James and Carol Eli - 28.31 lbs
Austin and Rusti Gifford - 28.12 lbs
Darrell Archey and Mike Pearrow - 27.72 lbs
Kerry Parson and Doug Rohlf - 26.32 lbs
Travis Scott and Kennie Williams - 26.02 lbs

Gordy and Tanya Matson - 43.52 lbs

Jack Schilla and Leonard Bauer - 35.9 lbs

Andy and Breydan Rose - 30.58 lbs

Terry and Cody Eisenbarth - 29.93 lbs

Ron White and Jeff Ingram - 29.34 lbs

Roy - Day two of Tiber with the Larges fish of the tournament. 33 1/4 inchs!

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Day 1 Results

Day 2 Results


2013 Hell Creek

Congratulation to the top 10 finishers!
Kris Keller - Trevor Johnson - 44.57 lbs
Chad Phipps - Cal Phipps - 37.02 lbs
Kristofer Meier - Dewey Vogl - 36.08 lbs
John Madson - Jason Madson - 35.80 lbs
Ron McNary - Jerome Papineau - 34.34 lbs
Bridger Dasinger - Bill Dasinger - 33.57 lbs
Casey Thomas - Kaiden Thomas - 32.18 lbs
Lee Judson - Tom Weaver - 31.98 lbs
Todd Doolex - Randy Hurst 31.34 lbs
Jason Sibble - Ramon Dyba - 28.74 lbs

1st Place - Kriss Keller - Trevor Johnson - 44.57 lbs

2nd Place - Chad Phipps - Cal Phipps - 30.02 lbs

3rd Place - Kris Meier and Dewy Vogl - 36.08 lbs

Adult Child - Casey Thomas-Kaiden Thomas 32.18

Mixed couple winners, Steve Harada-Traci Harada (not pictured) 21.92#

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2013 Broadwater Rod and Gun Club

This fun event is limited to Mixed couples, Adult Child, or Female only teams.  It is hosted by the Broadwater Rod and Gun club from Townsend and is held out of Goosebay.  This is a great event!

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2013 Canyon Ferry Festival

By Dale Gilbert

The 2013 Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival turned out to be a walleye challenge for many of the teams this year. Unsettled weather made it a pretty tough bite but the team of Dennis Willert and Mike Corder of Helena weighed 5 fish each day for a total of 19.54 pounds to take home the 1st place honors, a $500 check for the Top Lund Award and a $500 voucher from Townsend Marine and Lund, Top Navionics Team voucher, Top Mack's Team certificates and the $10000 check for their efforts. This is their 2nd win at Canyon Ferry, winning the event about 10-11 years ago too.

2nd place went to Jake Monroe from One Way Marine and Marvin Monroe From Helena with 19.50 pounds -- only .04 pounds from a win. They also took home a check for $500 for The Top Towing GMC/Cadillac Award from Rimrock GMC/Cadillac and Doug Quast in Billings.

3rd place went to Rob Hazlewood and David Madden also of Helena with 19 pounds. They also got big walleye on day one and a check for $1380 with a 10.22 pound fish. Rob also was awarded the Dinosaur award from Scheels in Billings -- a nice boat bag.

4th place went to Jim Gillespie and Dale Smithson of Helena with 17.4 pounds.

Rounding out the top 5 was Jacob Updike and Brandon Colby from Townsend with 16.24 pounds.

Top Adult Child team was Patrick and John Bannon of Deerlodge who finished in 6th place overall.

Top Mixed Couple/Iron Man Award from Steel Etc. in Great Falls was Kyle and Joni Sando from Belgrade who finished in 7th place overall.

The Top Ranger Team Award and a $500 Rangerwear Certificate from One Way Marine in Helena went to Matt Fisher from Helena and Ty Hinderager from Great Falls who finished 13th overall.

The Hardest Charger Award from Scheels in Great Falls went to the team of Dave Jurik and Chris Wanner -- both from Townsend Marine who weight 9.2 #'s on day two but had a zero on day one.

The Cool Under Pressure Award from A-Z Tires went to Stanley Ross and Peter Jeller from Kalispell who improved the most places from day one moving up to an overall 8th place finish. They aslo received a check for $1380 for the largest walleye on day two plus the Fenwick Largest Walleye Award with 2 Fenwick rods and an assorment of tackle from Mack's Lures. They are leading the pack for the Circuit Largest Walleye Award which gets a nice check from the Walleyes Unlimited Region 3 Chapters and also a free replica mount from Dan Gill -- Lewistown Taxidermy. So we will have to see what Tiber and the Fall Classic do -- a 13.02 pound fish will be hard to beat but both Tiber and the Fall Classic have some qualitiy fish.

The Tough Luck Awards from Town Pump -- went to Leonard Roberts who lost their lower unit on day one, and the team of Gordy and Tanya Matson who finished the first place out of the money.

The plaques for 1,2, and 3rd overall and the 1st and 2nd place Adult Child and Mixed Couple divisions were provided by Townsend Marine, Gordy and Tanya Matson, Matt Zeadow of Tri-County Countertops and K2 Laserworks in Billings. Todd Koessl from K2 Laserworks donates the year end plaques and does a great job.

Thanks to all the volunteers and Dennis Hovden, tournament director and the crew for doing such a great job.

Thanks to all the sponsors and Big R Stores in Great Falls and Havre who provide all the scoring -- weigh cards, boat boards, measuring boards, etc.

Overall, the tournament went well, but the bite was a disappointment -- since the fishing earlier in the week, prior to the adverse weather had been great, with lots of nice fish being caught.

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2013 Fresno Challenge Results

By Dale Gilbert

Austin and Rusti Gifford from Great Falls won the event with two great days, weighing a total of 21.83 #'s of walleye.

Austin said their success was from pulling the Berkley Flicker Shad crankbaits to find the fish and then going back and working them over with a jig and Berkley Gulp minnow. Wow. Way to go Austin and Rusti. Along with the 1st place payout, they received another $200 for the Top Mixed Couple and Iron Man Award from Steel Etc. in Great Falls. They also received some gift cards from Mack's Lures, as well as the Top Navionics Team award and voucher for a new Navionics chart. To top it all off, they also received a $500 voucher/certificate from Townsend Marine that can be used towards a qualifying purchase at Townsend Marine.

2nd place with 21.76 pounds went to the team of Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel from Kalispel and Coram, MT. Jason and Bob are past Montana Walleye Circuit Angler and Team of the Year anglers who moved from 21st place, winning the Town Pump tough luck award for first place out of the money on day one -- won the top Lund Award, the Biggest walleye of the day award with a 4.58# fish, as well as Day 2 top honors with a nice check.

3rd place went to the team of Jake Monroe and Jason Hernandez from Helena with 21.26 pounds.

The Top Towing GMC Team from Doug Quast at Rimrock GMC/Cadillac in Billings went to Doug Rohlf and Kerry Parsons of Great Falls.

The Top Ranger Team and RangerWear certificate from Dan Chovanak and One Way Marine and Ranger went to the team of Brian Amble and Doug Fixen from Alexander, ND.

The Scheels Sports -- Dinosaur Award from the Billings store went to the team of Joe McMenamy and Dennis Hanson

The Scheels Sports -- Hardest Charger Award from the Great Falls store went to the team of Tony Figerelle and Brandon Griffith who had the most improvement from day one to day two. They got a nice set of the Scheels special lead core "shorty" rod/reel combos.

The Top Adult Child Team and also 5th place went to Terry and Cody Eisenbarth from Great Falls winning a set of nice jigging rods from Scheels Sports in Billings as well as a $100 check from Bob and Patti Hickey.

The Fenwick Largest Walleye Award of the event was a 4.74 # caught by Nate Molstad and Jordan Overcast of Havre who got 2 - Elite Tech Jigging rods from Fenwick and a Mack's Lure assortment of tackle.

The Cool Under Pressure Award for the team that advanced the most places from Day one went to Randy Joshepson and John Clark from Andaconda.

Plaques for the top finishers were courtesy of Townsend Marine, Matt Zeadow of Tri County Countertops and Gordy and Tanya Matson.

Please let the circuit sponsors know you appreciate their support for the circuit.


Dale R Gilbert

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2013 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament

By Steve Harada

The 2013 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament proved to be a phenomenal opening event to kick off the 2013 Fort Peck Lake Championship Series. Fishing was absolutely incredible with not a single team out of 65, recording a zero after Day 1’s event. The legendary fishing duo from Glasgow, Norm Sillerud and JR Rasmusan won the event after leading the event by a mere one pound on Day 1 and went on to amass a 16+ pound victory over the 2nd place team, with an unbelievable two-day weight of 88.96 pounds. WOW, that is an absolutely gargantuous weight for ten walleyes anywhere! This tournament makes three tournaments in a row that the Glasgow duo have won after winning last years’ Governor’s Cup and Hell Creek Walleye tourneys. The anglers are coming also coming off last year as the Fort Peck Championship Series Angler and Team of the Year.

Runner up award went to Wolf Point anglers Kris Keller and Charlie Redfield with an also very impressive weight of 72.60 pounds. Gary Cayko from Glasgow and Brandon Babb of Wolf Point captured third place honors with a 64.94 pound weight.

The mixed couple award was captured by Rick and Sharon Larson of Havre, who also had the big walleye for Day 2 and for the tournament with a 33”, 14.72 pound toad walleye. The loving couple also placed 6th place overall with a 50.36 pound weight. The adult/child event was captured by the always tough father/son team of Mike and Bobby McElvain from Billings, who also boasted an 8th place overall finish, with 44.62 pounds.

The Cool Under Pressure award went out to Justin MIndt and Jon Steele from Lambert who advanced 38 places from Day 1 to Day 2 and finished in 18th place overall. They also had big Northern for Day 2. Day 1 big Northern was caught by Todd and Trevor Kleppelid of Circle.
Big Walleye on Day 1 was a tie between the team of Ted Toavs and Jay Erickson and the team of Mark Jones and Kevin Harper who each found 32” walleyes. Anglers came from at least 4 different states and Saskatchewan, Canada to enjoy incredible fishing and gorgeous weather. The pre-fishing was a trifle nasty but the tough guys were out there. Thanks to all the angles and big thanks to our major sponsors Budweiser & Nemont Distributors, Rock Creek Marina, and Wolf Point Walleyes Unlimited, the Fort Peck Championship Series sponsors MonDak Marine, Westside Sports, Git-n-Go, J and M Distributing, HiLine Ford, Paul’s Glass, and Peavey.

The next event for the Fort Peck Championship Series is the Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament and it is July 11- 13. Can the fishing get better as the summer goes on? I don’t know but I’m sure anxious to find out and I hope to see lots of old friends and make new acquaintances at the always well run, Governor’s Cup. The Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, the Governor’s Cup committee and numerous volunteer conduct a spectacular event and this year they are guaranteeing a 100% payback – holy cow! This is definitely not the event to miss.

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Jordan Walleyes Unlimited - Tough Guy Walleye Tournament

34 Teams braved the 50 degree weather witl light winds and excellent fishing. All of the 34 teams had the 5 fish limit. Average size of walleye as in the 18" range with the largest walleye at 30.50" caught by Chris Kwasney and Kane Mury. These guys also won the event with a total of 5 fish length of 103.75" Jordan father and son team Clyde and Brem Phipps came in secod with 101.25 total inches.

Congratulation to the top 10 finishers!
Kane Mury - Chris Kwasney - 103.75"
Clyde and Brem Phipps - 101.25"
Jason Watts - Kevin Oglesby - 93"
Chuck Patterson - Steve Grom - 90.5"
Pat Slater - Mark Nuss - 89.75"
Curt Wiley - Joe DeYoung - 87.75"
Reid Ryan - Jessie Obergell - 85.75"
Marvin Loomis - Casey Thomas - 84.75"
Jr Lund - John Swenson - 83.5"
Robert Johnson - Jal Haines - 80.5"