Walleye Photos

Lunker (+10lb Walleye)

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Lane Spencer, six years old, caught a 31 3/4 inch walleye while fishing with Poppa Jack Lind and younger brother Cameron at the Pines on Fort Peck Lake on Friday, July 15, 2016

This is a picture of our granddaughter, Tessa Miller, with her 32 1/2, 17 3/4 girth walleye. She was fishing with her grandpa and grandma, Andy and Paula Hicks, on Ft. Peck Lake and landed this whopper using a perch colored crank bait. It is getting mounted for her and she wants to hang it right above her bed. She is 7 years old and loves to fish with Grandpa. It was caught in July right after the Governors Cup. Thanks Paula for sending in the photo and congratulations to Tessa! She will be added to our +10 pound Lunker club!

Jennifer Graupmann caught this pig and took first prize for the largest Walleye. She and Julie DeMarsico took first place in the Women's Walleye Tournament at Tiber for Family Fun Days. The walleye weighed 11.4 lbs and was 30 1/2 inches long! Jennifer's first tournament ever!

Doug Jacobe caught this nice 31" 12 pound Walleye a few weeks ago at Fresno Res on 10-4-2014. Doug has been added to the 2014 Lunker club!

Two Helena boys had some luck fishing this past weekend. They both had huge success! Colton Baertsch caught this 12.5 pound Walleye and his friend Mark Stowe caught a 15.5 pounder!! What a great success story!

Colton Baertsch - 12.5 Pound Lunker!

Mark Stowe - 15.5 Pound Whopper!

Congratulations to Russ Evans who caught this 13.8 pounder.

Dillon Quast who caught this 12 pound Walleye on the last day of the Canyon Ferry Festival.

Don Jamenson caught this 34.5" Walleye out of Canyon Ferry last year.

Cody Strunck with his 32 inch Tiber walleye he caught back in August 2013

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Whopper (+15lb Walleye)

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Brad Rustan from Bozeman caught this 32+ inch walleye out of Canyon Ferry on 5/31/2014. He believes it to be over 15 lbs but was unable to get the official weight because he successfully released the hog back into the lake. We will consider that a whopper and a great release! Below is Brad's son Aaron holding the walleye.

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