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September 28, 2015

The Montana Walleye Circuit thanks Roger Terwilliger for his dedication and service for the past two years as the Circuit Director! We want to introduce ourselves as the new circuit directors to you! Tammy and Don Pyrah are the new directors for the 2016 circuit season. Tammy has been the scorekeeper for the circuit that last two years and Don just shows up and helps. We are looking forward to doing our part to keep the circuit going and growing!

This past weekend at the Walleye’s Unlimited of Montana mid-year meeting at Glasgow, the tournament directors met for 3 of the 4 tournaments to be held in 2016. The tournament directors and their respective tournaments are: Brian Olson, Fresno; Scott Achilles, Tiber; Matt Zeadow, Canyon Ferry; and the Pyrah family will again do the Fenwick Fall Classic. The dates will be released in the near future. There are a couple of Circuit Fundraisers going at this time. The Circuit Raffle has some really nice prizes, and the Fish-em-All raffle is just what is says—you get a paid entry for all of the Walleye’s Unlimited of Montana tournaments in 2016. Please support the circuit by supporting these raffles.

As past sponsors and prospective sponsors for the coming year, Tammy and I will be soliciting your continued support in the coming weeks. We are hoping that you are willing to continue your current level or sponsorship at the least, and consider an even greater level of sponsorship. As a part of the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana, we have a large following of individuals in addition to the Walleyes Unlimited Circuit. Avenues for information for the tournament circuit and organization are accessible through the WUM website, Fish Tales Magazines, Walleye Circuit Tournament Posters, and other media.

One new change that we are considering is a display of sponsor flags. Banners are very nice, but flags gain more attention. We are hoping to get a 3 by 5 foot flag from our major sponsors. It’s our belief that it will make your contribution more visible throughout the tournament. Visualize the (your company here) weigh Boat will be posted at Traveler’s Bay, the “your company here” Pilot boat will be starting at boats at 0700 tomorrow morning, etc. What a great way to identify weigh boats but with your company’s flag!! But before we leave flags—instead of the old pictures in front of the banners—they will be pictures in front of the flag row. Your flag can be in that flag row!

Enough for now!! Tammy or I will be contacting you individually in the next few weeks and look forward to visiting with you concerning your continuing support for the Walleye’s Unlimited of Montana Tournament Circuit. In the meantime, if you have any questions, our contact information is provided here as well.

Don Pyrah @ 406-380-0064 email:
Tammy Pyrah @ 406-366-0898 email:

2015 Fenwick Fall Classic

See the below attachments for the Fenwick Fall Classic boundary map and tournament info. If you have any questions or concerns please contact either Don Pyrah 406-380-0064, or Orrin Pyrah 406-366-2524 Email contacts are or We are looking forward to this new and exciting opportunity.

Fall Classic - Crooked Creek, Fourchette Bay - August 8-9

Rules and Information
Lake Map

Circuit Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the circuit prizes that we gave away and the state banquet


2015 Applications are now available, click on applications to download the forms

Montana Walleye Circuit Tournament Applications
Fresno Walleye Challenge - Fresno - June 13-14
Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival - Canyon Ferry - June 27-28
Tiber Walleye Tourney - Lake Elwell - May 30-31
Fall Classic - Crooked Creek, Fourchette Bay - August 8-9

FP Circuit

2015 Applications are now available, click on applications to download the forms

Fort Peck Challenge Tournament Applications
Rock Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - June 6-7
MT Governor's Cup - Fort Peck - July 9-11
Hell Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - July 25-26


Other Tournaments

Ice Fishing Approved Contest

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks approved a number of ice fishing contests for 2015-2016.

The following ice fishing derbies are approved for the 2014-15 winter season:

Northwestern Montana, Region 1
Dec. 12, 2015 Perch Assault - Smith Lake
Dec. 13, Ice Duels Montana - Smith Lake
Dec. 20, Perch Masters - Lower Stillwater Lake
Dec. 26, Sunriser Lions Smith Lake Family Fishing Derby - Smith Lake
Jan. 23-24, Bull Lake Ice Fishing Derby - Bull Lake
Jan. 30-31, Fisher River Valley Winter Fishing Derby - Thompson Lake, et al
Feb. 1-28, Perch Pounder, 13th Annual - All Region 1 Waterbodies
Feb. 6, Snappy’s Lake Mary Family Derby, 16th Annual – Lake Mary Ronan
Feb. 13, Ryan Wagner Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Murphy Lake
Feb. 13-14, McGregor Lake Annual Fishing Derby - McGregor Lake
Feb. 20, Perch Assault - Middle Thompson Lake
Feb. 21, Ice Duels Montana - Echo Lake
Feb. 27, Canyon Kids Christmas Fund Derby - Lion Lake
March 5, Perch Assault - Lake Mary Ronan
March 12-13, Bitterroot Bash, 5th Annual - Bitterroot Lake

South-central Montana, Region 3
Jan. 17, Hebgen Lake NAIFC Qualifier - Hebgen Lake
Jan. 30, Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Clark Canyon Reservoir

North-central Montana, Region 4
Jan. 2, Scheels Ice Fishing Derby - Wadsworth Pond
Jan. 23, Western Bar Ice Fishing Derby - Willow Creek Reservoir
Jan. 23-24, Broadwater Lions Club Perch Derby - Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Northeastern Montana, Region 6
Jan. 30, Murph's 10th Annual Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament - Nelson Reservoir
Jan. 30-31, Fresno Ice Derby, 5th Annual - Fresno Reservoir
Feb. 20, 19th Annual Glasgow Chamber Ice Fishing Derby - Fort Peck/Marina Bay
Feb. 20, Hell Creek Ice Fishing Tournament - Fort Peck/Hell Creek Bay

Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits. Some contests require catch-and-release fishing and participants in these contests may not keep any fish. Contact information for each contest can be found at FWP's website at Click on "Fishing", then "Fishing Contests."



2015 Tournament Results

2015 Montana Walleye Circuit Top 100

TOP 10 Montana Walleye Circuit Standings after 3 events - Final

1st Travis Scott and Kennie Williams

2nd Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel

3rd Bob Sherer and Darrel Archey

4th Gordon and Tanya Matson

5th Casey Chovanak and Brian Olson

6th Scott Achilles and Darren Raney

7th Marlin Cross and Ken Seay

8th Thad Briggs and Stanley Ross

9th Tim Marsh and Leonard Roberts

10th Dustin Flack and Dewey Vogl


Click here for complete results!

Fenwick Fall Classic Results

Click here for complete results!

Mens Hell Creek Results

2015 Hell Creek Walleye Tournament top finishers, photos and complete results

1st place: Clyde Phipps-Kane Mury
2nd place: Brandon & Brady Babb, also top adult child team
3rd place: Eric Doeden-Aaron McWilliams
Top mixed couple: Chris & Jessica Kwasney

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Broadwater Rod and Gun Club Derby Results

On July 11, 2015 The Broadwater Rod and Gun Club held its Annual Walleye Derby on Canyon Ferry Lake. Sponsors were State Bank of Townsend and Townsend Marine. 43 teams took off from Broadwater Bay at the Silos at 8:30am. In addition to the $300 prize in the adult/child category, again this year was an additional prize. Townsend Marine joined forces with Lund to bring the Angler and Young Angler (AYA) program to the BRGC Derby. Courtesy of Townsend Marine and Lund the winning adult/child team received a Lund boat. Townsend Marine also donated a motor guide to the 2nd place adult/child in addition to the $175 from BRGC. Townsend Marine contributed a fisher finder for the 3rd place who also got $150 from BRGC.

Results are as follows:
Adult/Child Teams:
1st place: $300 Randy and Calysta Larson of Helena. 2nd place: $175 Jim Gillespie and Tyler Paddock of Helena. 3rd place: $150 Lonnie and Rylie Wirtz of Belgrade 4th place: $140 Dave and Bradon Gregor of Gallatin Gateway 5th place: $130 Dewey and Kennedy Vogl of Townsend 6th place: $120 Joe and Shana Bushilla of Belgrade

Female/Female Teams:
1st place: $300 Janna and Hanna Kroll of Helena 2nd place: $175 Shawna McCartney and Rachel Stubbendeck of Townsend

Female/Male Teams:
1st place $300 Rich and Sheryl Tatarka of Bozeman 2nd pace: $175 Kiff and Kamae Meier of Townsend 3rd place: $150 Tom and Roxanne Tubbs of Helena 4th place: $140 Derek and Meagan Fox of East Helena 5th place: $130 Kindra and Bruce Turney of Townsend
1st place overall: $400 Randy and Calysta Larson
Big Walleye: $380 Randy and Calysta Larson
Big Carp: $150 Randy and Calysta Larson

Governor Cup Tournament Results

Sam Lawson and Clay Kittleson - 34.52 lbs
Luke Sundby and Eli Williams - 32.66 lbs
Kevin Lynch and Mike Block - 31.24 lbs
Martin and Danny Reichert - 28.30 lbs
Fuzz Carnahan and Jay Boardman - 27.77 lbs

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Canyon Ferry Tournament Results

Williams, Kennie and Scott, Travis - 39.48 lbs
Ross, Stanley and Briggs, Thad - 38.13 lbs
Schmidt, Ken and Jones, Mark - 29.68 lbs
Archey, Darrell and Sherer, Bob - 25.63 lbs
Dreier, Tim and Jensen, Bob 25.32 lbs

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Rock Creek Tournament results

Rock Creek 2015 -By Steve Harada

The Rock Creek Walleye Tournament kicked of the Fort Peck Champion Series with a very subtle ping rather than a bang for most the 95 anglers. However, Gary Cayko of Bismarck, ND and Brandon Babb of Wolf Point started out the tournament with an explosive first day and brought in a 5-fish limit of 40.84 pounds. These fish were all caught in the first hour or so of the event. They zeroed on Day 2 but their commanding lead sustained and the ended up with a 15 pound advantage over the second place team to win the 2015 Rock Creek Tournament. Glendive brothers and long-time tournament anglers, Tim and Steve Linder came out smoking on Day 2 and had a great day with 24.96 pounds to capture the runner-up and also the Cool Under Pressure Award. Third place also went to another Glendive team, Jamie and Troy Egge, who went out and smacked 22.5 pounds of Walleye for the day. The husband/wife team also popped the big walleye for the day with a 31 ½ inch hog and mixed couple award, as well! Both the second and third place teams went from zero weight on Day ? to near the top of the leader board, overall. The adult/child team was won by Jason and Beau Beery of Brockway with 15th place overall and 15.7 pounds.

The largest walleye for the event was a 32 ¼ inch beast caught on Day 1 by Matthew Neisen of Spearfish, SD and Joe Vaith of Lesterville, SD who also finished 6th overall. The largest northern pike was a 42 incher caught by Kyle Vine of Vida and Colby Tognetti of Bismarck, ND.

Mother Nature was very nice this year and provided two absolutely gorgeous days on the water. A wild thunderstorm came through on Friday night, along with cold water temperatures and clouds of baitfish all may have contributed to the “tough bite” but it was certainly challenging and humbling for nearly everyone out there. Thanks to all of the sponsors of the Rock Creek Walleye Tournament - Budweiser, Nemont Beverage, The Gateway Club, Rock Creek Marina, Wolf Point Walleyes Unlimited, The Lakeridge Motel, Big Sky Fire Equipment, Carly Rush and Carl and Cathy Seilstad. Thanks to all of the anglers who fished the event, a big thanks to the Patrol Boat volunteers and all of the staff who contribute immensely to the success of the event. Next event on the Fort Peck Championship Series is the Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament. I believe they are close to 170 teams and will likely fill up with 200 boats this year. The “bite” has turned on a Fort Peck in past week or so, watch out for some huge weights at the next events. After Gov Cup is Hell Creek, July 25 & 26 and a new qualifying event for the Fort Peck Championship Series is the Fall Classic. This year the Fall Classic will be held out of Hell Creek and be a qualifier for both the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana Fort Peck Championship Series and WUM Tournament Circuit, WUM Circuit rules will be followed at this event.

1st - Gary Cayko and Brandon Babb - 40.84 lbs
2nd - Tim Linder and Steve Linder - 24.96 lbs
3rd - Troy Egge and Jamie Egge - 22.5 lbs
4th - Douglas Wick and Dayton Wick - 21.86 lbs
5th - Tyler vine and Gage Gordon - 20.42

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Tiber Tournament results

Congratulations to all fisher men and women in the Tiber tournament last weekend. Below are the top five over-all finishers and complete results

Brian Olson / Casey Chovaniac - 38.7 lbs
Donald Beville / Ralph Bosworth - 33.82 lbs
Phil Kumm / Kim Kumm - 25.15 lbs
Stanley Ross / Thad Briggs - 24.24 lbs
Terry Eisenbarth / Cody Eisenbarth - 24.12 lbs

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Fresno Tournament results

Below are the top five over-all finishers and complete results

Thomas, Steve and Cole, Ray - 27.98 lbs
Hinderager, Ty and Fischer, Matt - 27.38 lbs
Corbitt, Kevin and Collinsworth, Dave - 27.22 lbs
Rooney, Robert and Rooney, Daniel - 26.16 lbs
Molstad, Nate and Overcast, Jordan - 24.56 lbs

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Jordan Walleyes Unlimited Annual Tough Guy Results

Jordan Chapter of Walleyes Unlimited Hosted in annual walleye banquet on Friday April 17 with approximately 250 people in attendance. This was followed by its Annual Tough Guy Walleye Tournament on Saturday. While the temperature was favorable with a high near 60 degrees, wind above 20 mph made conditions truly tough. The toughest made the 40 mile run to Forchette Bay and beyond and did quite well. One team reported a 2 hour and 10 minute trip back to Hell Creek to the waves. No large females were caught be the teams did well on 14’ to 20” inch males. Pre fishing did have fisherman doing well in Snow Creek but that bite shut down due to the conditions.
Water temp outside Hell Creek was at 45 degrees and 48 degrees in the bay. Forchette was near 50 degree water temp.
64 teams participated in the event which represents the second highest participation level in the 20 plus year history of the Tough Guy. Winners of the event were:

1st: Clint and Layne Thomas of Jordan with a five fish 14.06 pound bag
2nd: Bob Magnuson and Jerome Papineau of Miles City with 5 fish for 13.50 lbs
3rd: Ben and Steve Powell
4rd: Pat Slater and Mark Nuss from Powell Wy with 5 fish for 11.02 lbs
5th: Clyde and Brem Phipps with 5 fish for 10.04 lbs
6th: Dave Jones and Dustin Knutson from Calgary AB with 5 fish for 9.96 lbs
7th: Casey and Kaiden Thomas of Jordan with 5 fish for 7.18 lbs
Big northern was a tie at 37½” between the Clint and Layne Thomas team and the Powell team
Big walleye was a 22” fish caught by the team of Clint and Layne Thomas. Second place was a tie with the Thomas team and Magnuson and Papineau at 21”

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