2019 results will be posted as they are completed. For past years results please visit the Tournament Archive from the menu drop down list.

2019 Tiber Results

Tiber – Final Results

2019 Crooked Creek Results

Top 5 Overall
Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager – 72.59 lbs
Travis Scott and Kennie Williams – 63.8 lbs
Brian Bentley and Larsen Spencer – 43.42 lbs
Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 38.27 lbs
Chad Rambo and Steve Worden – 36.72 lbs

Top 3 Adult Child
Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 38.27 lbs
Scott and Hunter Collinsworth – 22.06 lbs
Mike and Tristan Dombrovski – 19.19 lbs

Top 3 Mixed Couple
Andrea and Scott Anderson – 14.96 lbs
Kiff and Kamae Meier – 8.96 lbs
Tom and Roxanne Tubbs – 8.95 lbs

Crooked Creek – Final Results

2019 Jerry Johnston Tough Guy Tournament Results

35 total teams:
1st: Jesse Reuter, Kris Keller 37.48 lbs
2nd: Owen Wilcox, Zeik Gordon 26.84 lbs
3rd: Jesse Nelson, Jim Alsobrook 25.88 lbs
4th: Bryce Loudon, Tanner Roth 20.14 lbs
5th: Arnie Frovarp, Sean McDuffee 15.98 lbs

Big Walleye Winners:
1st: Jesse Nelson, Jim Alsobrook 31.5″
2nd: Owen Wilcox, Zeik Gordon 30″

Big Northern Winners:
1st: Dick Walker, Josh Jabalera 33.5″
2nd: Jace Young, Tracy Henry 32.75″

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