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2019 John Arnold

1st – Lance and Ted Kresge 5.94 lbs
2nd – Josh Starkel and Tim Freddericks – 5.38 lbs
3rd – Bill Sampson and Bob Mahana 5.35 lbs
Adult/Child – Marty Mclean and Riley Melone – 3.35 lbs

2019 Hell Creek

Top 5 Overall
Fred and Ryan Roberts – 45.76
Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 39.68
Braden Rolandson and Trevor Kleppelid – 38.26
Carly Rush and Whit Rush – 37.36
Denny South and Tyler South – 36.9

Top 3 Adult Child
Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 39.68
Matt Cowen and Blake Cowen – 34.99
Shane and Wyatt Anderson – 28.83

Top 3 Mixed Couples
Carly Rush and Whit Rush – 37.36
Eric and Dayle Stahl – 31.6
Sam and Andy Rose 30.09

Hell Creek 2019 – Final Results

2019 GovCup

Top 5 Overall
Matt Poole and Adam Morehouse – 70.04
Kriss Keller and Cody Strohm – 70
Josh Kittleson and Scott Collinsworth – 66.58
Darcy Boss and Bret Bates – 60.52
Joe Kavon and Rob Kavon – 60.28

Top 3 Adult Child
Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 49.28
Kirk Boyer and Hunter Collinsworth – 46.76
Matt Williamson and Otto Williamson – 42.22

Top 3 Mixed Couples
Don and Myla Jo Barton – 50.45
Scott and Cindy Sundheim – 41.22
Mike and Aspen Gibbs – 36.04

Gov Cup 2019 – Final Results

2019 Canyon Ferry

Top 5 Overall
Cory Novak and Kyle Beto – 34.88
Ken Schmidt and Mark Jones – 28.08
Steve Kincaid and Justin Baumgartner – 25.09
Ty Hinderager and Matt Fischer – 21.60
Ken Reistad and Duane Meyer – 21.22

Canyon Ferry Festival – Final Results

2019 Fresno Challenge

Top 5 Overall
Nate Molstad and Jordan Overcast – 28.04
Kevin Corbitt and Dave Collinsworth – 26.68
Steve Thomas and Ray Cole – 24.58
Jeff Ingram and Jake Monroe – 22.62
Brian Rooney and Bob Rooney – 22.60

Top 3 Adult Child
Scott and Hunter Collinsworth – 20.32
Cody and Sean Nagel – 18.64
Curt and Shea Novak – 15.73

Top 3 Mixed Couple
Dewey and Tess Vogl – 17.92
Byron and Tony Figarelle – 16.86
Jeff and Kim Meyer – 16.54

Fresno Challenge – Final Results

2019 Rock Creek

Jones & Schmidt win 2019 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament – By Steve Harada

This year’s Rock Creek Tourney was blessed by Mother Nature with two glorious days in the high 70s to low 80s with very little wind. Are you kidding me? Rock Creek never has two nice days in a row but this year was indeed an exception. The walleye bite was also exceptional for those that used the right technique and found the often elusive walleye. Mark Jones of Billings and Ken Schmidt of Glasgow captured first with a huge two-day weight of 63.28 pounds. The champs also won the Fox Ford Award for highest placing Ford tow vehicle and won an extra $500, thanks to Fox Ford in Wolf Point. Kris Keller and Whit Rush of Wolf Point were runner’s up with an also impressive 57.62 pounds. Third place honors were garnered by Kyle Vine of Vida and Colby Tognetti of Lewistown with 47.3 pounds.

Cool Under Pressure

Father son team of Matt and Blake Cowen from Billings finished in fourth place after a huge second day weight of 31.7 #s and a solid first day and they also won the Adult/Child completion with Andy & Sam Rose grabbing the mixed/Couple Award with 45.36 pounds. Sam and Andy Rose won the mixed/couple award with 43.44 pounds and also caught the second biggest walleye on Day 1 and the largest walleye on Day 2. Overall, the husband and wife team ended up in sixth place.

Jones and Schmidt

Big Walleye on Day 1 was caught by Body Killen & Taylor Kennedy. The Cool Under Pressure award was won by Taylor Mindt of Ft Peck & Sean Williams from Lambert. They advanced 46 places from Day 1 to Day 2 and had a 31.04 pound basket for Sunday.

Keller and Whit

Most of the top teams were pitching jigs and plastics into shore and picked walleye up real shallow out of the weeds. Congratulations to all this year’s top finishers and thanks to all of the anglers who supported the event.

Matt and Blake
Vine and Tognetti

Thanks to all of our generous sponsors and thanks to those who go out and solicit for all of the great prizes we’re able to award. Thanks to Carl Seilstad, Ted Toavs, Kristin & Cody Strohm for going after all of our donations. Because of these great prizes and money raised by awesome raffles, we are able to provide a meal and pay out a true 90% payout. Thanks to our major sponsors – Joe Moline from Affirmed Medical Service, Fox Ford from Wolf Point and Budweiser/Nemont Beverage of Glasgow and all of the other generous sponsors. ALL tournament directors and staff volunteer their time to try and put on a quality event.

Rock Creek – Final Results

2019 Tiber Results

Top 5 Overall
Ray Cole and Steve Thomas – 30.28
Travis Scott and Kennie Williams – 29.01
Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel – 23.96
Dean Pearson and Waylon Janousek – 22.36
Jeff Fields and Bradley Fields – 18.62

Top 3 Adult Child
Jeff Fields and Bradley Fields – 18.62
Hunter Collinsworth and Scott Collinsworth – 13.62
Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 11.16

Top 3 Mixed Couple
Tom and Roxanne Tubbs – 6.77
Dewey and Tess Vogl – 2.27
Dan Peterson and Mary Meyer – 1.94

Tiber – Final Results

2019 Crooked Creek Results

Top 5 Overall
Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager – 72.59 lbs
Travis Scott and Kennie Williams – 63.8 lbs
Brian Bentley and Larsen Spencer – 43.42 lbs
Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 38.27 lbs
Chad Rambo and Steve Worden – 36.72 lbs

Top 3 Adult Child
Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 38.27 lbs
Scott and Hunter Collinsworth – 22.06 lbs
Mike and Tristan Dombrovski – 19.19 lbs

Top 3 Mixed Couple
Andrea and Scott Anderson – 14.96 lbs
Kiff and Kamae Meier – 8.96 lbs
Tom and Roxanne Tubbs – 8.95 lbs

Crooked Creek – Final Results

2019 Jerry Johnston Tough Guy Tournament Results

35 total teams:
1st: Jesse Reuter, Kris Keller 37.48 lbs
2nd: Owen Wilcox, Zeik Gordon 26.84 lbs
3rd: Jesse Nelson, Jim Alsobrook 25.88 lbs
4th: Bryce Loudon, Tanner Roth 20.14 lbs
5th: Arnie Frovarp, Sean McDuffee 15.98 lbs

Big Walleye Winners:
1st: Jesse Nelson, Jim Alsobrook 31.5″
2nd: Owen Wilcox, Zeik Gordon 30″

Big Northern Winners:
1st: Dick Walker, Josh Jabalera 33.5″
2nd: Jace Young, Tracy Henry 32.75″

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