WUM Partners with Montana Warriors on the Water

In April of 2015 Montana Walleyes Unlimited partnered with the great organization of Montana Warriors on the Water. Since 1983 Walleyes Unlimited of Montana has strived to inform and educate the public about the importance of warm water sport fishing in Montana, support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries, educate and promote kids fishing, and finally support any worthwhile fishing, hunting, wildlife or recreational program organized for pleasure, or other non-profitable purpose. Because of these beliefs and values our club has found that Montana Warriors on the Water is another club with the same foundation that we envision and support and we are happy to be a part of their organization. We always strive to have a positive presence in our local Chapter communities through participation in worthwhile projects and activities and this will be another great adventure!

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Montana Warriors on the Water

Origin and Mission Statement

The Montana Warriors on the Water project goal is to produce a program that provides outdoor recreational opportunities and therapy to veterans of the United States Military, especially those that are combat wounded or suffering from issues associated with PTSD. By connecting individuals, private companies, non-profit organizations and Government agencies, a community is in place to serve the past, present and future Military veterans that they may continue to have mental, emotional and physical access to the country they served and are honored for their commitment and service to that community. As a project of the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana, we are a non profit 501c(3) organization, Tax ID# 81-0416151

2015 Warriors Water Event, Hell Creek

We have invited veterans and active duty soldiers from around the United States to come to Montana on a week long, all expense paid fishing trip to Fort Peck Lake. Attendees will fly into Billings, Montana on Monday, June 8, 2015. A local church is providing bus transportation to Miles City from Billings-Logan Airport. Lodging will be provided Monday night, and a convoy of volunteers will depart Tuesday morning to Hell Creek State Park. Private cabin owners have donated cabins for lodging, other volunteers are providing campers, and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks is donating the use of camping sites, and use of the Group Use building for meals, recreation, and logistics. Food items are being donated by local businesses and other individuals. Once there, veterans will be taken out on boats provided by local sportsmen who are donating their time, fuel, and expertise to provide the attendees with a week of epic fishing and fellowship. Saturday evening will feature a lakeside concert by the recording duo Patten and Goff, whom are both active duty US Army from the 82nd Airborne. We will return to Miles City on Sunday, June 14, 2015. A local business is hosting a steak barbeque dinner Sunday evening, and there will be a public concert by Patten and Goff fronted by local musical talent. The attendees will travel to Billings, Montana on Monday, June 15th for their departure flights.

Contributions may be made to Montana Warriors on the Water at Stockman Bank and First Interstate Bank in Miles City, or by mailing to:

Montana Warriors on the Water
P.O. Box 832
Miles City, Montana 59301

Donation Link: Donation Link