We intend to have Camp Walleye 2020, but at the current time we are evaluation the timelines in accordance with government rules and guidelines due to the  CV-19 Pandemic. There will be new application out early in June, thank you for your patients.

Camp Walleye 2020 will be held August 14-16 application

Little History behind Camp Walleye

Camp Walleye stated in 1999 and was the brain child of Lance Bethel. Alex Ferguson managed boat captains until 2015 when Richard Headely and Bim Johnson took over managing the boat captains. Pat Volkmar has been managing the children from the beginning and has been instrumental in combining the Great Falls Chapter and Kids School Fishing Clubs in the Great Falls area. Camp Walleye has has kids participate in this camp and some have traveled as far from Washington, Alberta, New Mexico and Iowa. Beginning in 2017 the Camp youth fishing activities were put under the umbrella of “Great Falls Hooked on Fishing not Drugs”, a 503c nonprofit corporation.

2019 Camp Walleye!

Great Falls Walleyes Unlimited will be hosting a Kids’ Fishing Camp on August 16,17,18 at Tiber Reservoir. We will be accepting 50 applicants from boys or girls from ages 11-15. Included in the 3 day, 2 night camp are safety courses, on and off water activities, and a Fish, Wildlife and Parks sponsored safety course. Seminars on fishing techniques, technologies, strategies, uses of current fishing technologies, and spinner making are planned.

Sponsors for Camp Walleye

Sponsors for Hooked on Fishing not Drugs Club

Upcoming Events

  1. Crooked Creek Walleye Classic

    May 15 - May 16
  2. Rock Creek Tournament

    June 5 - June 6
  3. Fresno Challenge

    June 12 - June 13
  4. Canyon Ferry Walleye Fest

    June 26 - June 27
  5. Montana Walleye Gov Cup

    July 8 - July 11

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