HB 154 Requires drain plugs to be removed while trailering your boat

HB 154 Requires drain plugs to be removed while trailering your boat

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Notice On 1-12-21 House Bill 152 was assigned to the House Natural Resources Committee.  As of today, 1-14-21, a hearing date has not been scheduled.  The Bill is sponsored by Neil Duram from Eureka at the request of the Department of Natural Resources.  Not from FWP. The Bill will require that all boat drain plugs be removed during transit in the State.  The WUM Board discussed this same proposal a couple of years or so ago and decided not to support it.  I am asking for member input with your opinions.  Also, since the time for the hearing will be soon please call or email your Legislators on the House Natural Resources Committee and express your opinions.

This is a bad idea and needs to be defeated.  Please note the comments on the Bill by Dale Gilbert.  He is spot on.

  1. Since we are already required to remove the plug, clean and dry the boat prior to leaving a site….what additional benefit is gained by leaving the plug removed?  Does the benefits out weigh the risks?
  2. Leaving the plug removed would potentially result in the loss of the plug, damage to the boat drain hole from the a plug left dangling while trailering down the road.
  3. Leaving the drain plug removed will also likely result in boaters forgetting to replace it prior to launching and creating a dangerous situation or at the very least congestion at the ramp while they are trying to get the plug in or have to reload the boat.

Please get in touch with Committee Members or email to me at your earliest convenience.      Please use our contact page and select Executive Director – Bob Gilbert

Thank you,
Bob Gilbert  E.D.Lobbyist

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