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Fort Peck Walleye Tournament Series 2022 Final Results

Angler of the Year
1st Whit Rush – 198.0583
2nd Kris Keller – 196.7762
3rd Trent Normandy -192.9583

Team of the Year
1st Jason Eggebrecht – 189.5522
2nd Bob Hickey – 188.1936
3rd Stuart Law – 183.9265

Mixed Couples of the Year
1st Cierra Loudon – 171.0605
2nd Dayle Stahl – 161.8994
3rd Carly Rush – 151.2821

Adult-Child of the Year
1st Jaxsen Reuter – 133.2587
2nd Tristan Dombrovski – 128.7060
3rd Kodi Novak – 126.1194

2022 TOB GUN Award
1st Jason Eggebrecht – 269.0394

Final Fort Peck Walleye Tournament Series Results

2022 Montana Walleye Circuit Wrap Up and Thank You to Our Sponsors

The 2022 Montana Walleye Circuit is now history and it was a great year. Low water conditions created some early uncertainty, and the price of fuel certainly had an impact on the number of participants we saw this year. We look forward to next year with optimism and continue to pursue new sponsor opportunities for the Montana Walleye Circuit for 2023. Overall, the majority of the sponsorship support goes back into each of the 4 individual circuit tournaments which benefits the greatest number of participants and the greatest exposure and promotion for the sponsors.

We had 540 individuals’ fish in at least one if not more of the circuit events this past year! The break down on those was 207 Adult Teams, 32 Mixed Couples, and 28 Adult/Child combined both divisions. We are hoping to increase participation in both the Mixed Couples and Adult/Child divisions by targeting increased sponsors for those divisions.

Our FACEBOOK following continues to grow and gives both anglers and sponsors a way to check in regularly with the Montana Walleye Circuit.

The Circuit held 4 events in 2022:
Crooked Creek, May 14/15
Fresno Tournament, June 11/12
Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival, June 25/26
Tiber Tournament, July 16,17

We will have a circuit meeting sometime this fall to set the schedule for the 2023 season at that time.

We are also working with the Fort Peck Series and will be applying for the Montana Walleye Circuit/Fort Peck Series Challenge somewhere?! Pending approval, it will be held after the 2023 tournaments conclude and will feature 15 of the top finishing teams from each of the tournament circuits! This is going to add a new and exciting opportunity. The Montana Walleye Circuit will do the application and will host the 2023 year. Rules and scoring format will be determined by the host. In 2024, the host duties will go to the Fort Peck Series. We hope that we can put together a quality event for everyone. Together, we are working on a location! Stay tuned!

The 2022 Circuit Awards for Angler of the Year, Team of the Year, Top Lund, Top Ranger, Top Adult/Child Teams-both divisions, Top Mixed Couple Teams, etc. will be presented at the Walleyes Unlimited State meeting this coming spring. The location of that awards ceremony will be announced at the conclusion of the WUM fall meeting in Glasgow on September 24, 2022

Angler of the Year –Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager finished first this year with 271.47 points (Mercury/Ranger). Second place finish went to Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine with 259.72 points (Mercury/Ranger). Third Place went to Chet Cook with 257.70 points (Lund/Yamaha). All will be presented year end awards at the Montana Walleyes Unlimited annual meeting and banquet.

Top Lund Boat of the Year – Chet Cook was the Top Lund Boat of the Year this year.

Team of the Year—Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager.

Team of Year-Ironman—Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager.

Top Adult/Child-Majors Team – Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox placed first with 156.44 points (Mercury/Ranger). Second Place went to Michael and Tristan Dombrovski with 149.790 points (Mercury/Triton/).

Top Adult/Child-Minors Team—Steve and Sean Kincaid placed first with 161.489 points (Mercury/Lund). Second Place went to Bill Novak and Dawson Brown with 110.606 points (Mercury/Ranger).

Top Mixed Couple Team – Tim and Angel Marsh placed first with 214.895 points (Mercury/Alumacraft). Second place went to Brian and Savannah Mook with 192.16 points (Mercury/Lund).

Largest Walleye Caught and Released Award –There was a three-way tie at 32.5 inches: Brian Rooney and Chris McFadden, Gordy Matson and Kevin Helling, and Rob Mott and Dustin Flack.

A big thank you to Matson Excavation (Gordy and Tanya) for assisting with our advertising needs including: posters, banners, and weigh cards.

Continued thanks to Kenetrek Boots, Townsend Marine, and High Country Boats for purchasing the weigh boards used for the alternative scoring format.

We also want to give special thanks to all of the other sponsors who provided other things that we needed and were able to then use at no additional cost to the circuit:

Boat decals and bags from Townsend Marine and Lund

K2 Laserworks, Todd Koessl for donating the end of the year end plaques.
Walleyes Unlimited web master Dave Sedlock for making timely updates to the tournament web page.

Fish Tales Magazine for publishing the news and articles.

For the 2023 Montana Walleye Circuit we look forward to continued support from:

Boat Sponsors:
Lund/Townsend Marine
Ranger/High Country Boats
Crestliner/Western Trailers and Marine/High Country Boats
Warrior/Wallace Marine

Motor Sponsors: Mercury Marine

Tackle Sponsors: Fenwick
Kit’s Tackle
Mack’s Lure

Enduro Products Inc
Montana Tire
K2 Laserworks
Interstate Battery Systems of Yellowstone
Scheels—Billings and Great Falls
Sport Center
DP Construction
Lakeridge Motel, Bait, and Tackle
The Deadeye Guys
Permafrost Coolers
Midtown Market 2
Jeff and Cathy Ingram
Gally’s Brewing Company
Auatraction of Central Montana

Adult/Child Divisions:
Bob and Patti Hickey
Fort Peck Marina
Team Tubbs
Modern Montana Real Estate
Gage Gordon
Matson Excavation

Mixed Couples Division:
Border Plains Ag
Mondak Marine/Go Fish Installations

We are excited to be working for the sponsors and anglers for the Montana Walleye Circuit for 2023! We would like your feedback regarding the Montana Walleye Circuit. We also appreciate the Tournament Directors and the Angler Committee that has stepped up to help out with the circuit in 2022. We will be seeing the application process for next years tournaments soon!

Tournament results and final circuit rankings will be posted on the Walleyes Unlimited tournament page at: under the results tab.

Tammy and Don Pyrah, Montana Walleye Circuit Co-Directors

Boats By the numbers:

Lund Boats: 92
Ranger Boats: 47
Nitro Boats: 19
Triton Boats: 15
Warrior Boats: 10
Crestliner Boats: 9
Other: 75

Motor Power By the numbers:
Mercury: 188
Yamaha: 75
Other: 4

Montana Walleye Circuit Final Results

Top Mixed Couple
1) Tim and Angel Marsh
2) Brian and Savannah Mook

Top Adult Child Minor
1) Steve and Sean Kincaid
2) Bill Novak and Dawson Brown

Top Adult Child Major
1) Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox
2) Mike and Tristan Dombrovski

Angler of the Year
1) Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager (They also won Iron man and Top Ranger)
2) Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine
3) Chet Cook (Top Lund Award)

Top Team of the year
1) Matt FIscher and Ty Hinderager
2) Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine
3) Rob Mott and Dustin Flack

There was a 3 way tie for the biggest fish caught coming in at 32.5 and caught at Canyon Ferry Tournament.
1) Rob Mott and Dustin Flack
2) Brian Rooney and Chris McFadden
3) Gordy Matson and Kevin Helling

Final Montana Walleye Circuit Results

Fort Peck Walleye Series Top 10

1 Rush, Witt Wolf Point, MT AT – 116.54
2 Reuter, Jesse sidney, MT AC – 94.17
3 Eggebrecht, Jason Fort Peck, MT AT – 76.12
4 Lien, Ross Fort Peck, MT AT – 76.12
5 Loudon, Colby Circle, MT MC – 74.30
6 Klepplid, Trevor Circle, MT AT – 65.80
7 Rolandson, Braden Glasgow, MT AT – 65.80
8 Pixley, Cody Bozeman, MT AT – 57.24
9 Verhasselt, Trevor Sidney, MT AT – 58.78
10 Tognetti, Colby Lewistown, MT AT – 54.44

Rock Creek and Montana Governors Cup Results

Hell Creek Walleye Tournament – July 23-24

Top 5 Adult Teams
1st – Gage Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 80.78
2nd – Kris Keller and Charles Redfield – 64.55
3rd – Murray Barkus and Trent Normandy – 51.16
4th – Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel – 47.43
5th – Scott Swanson and Stuart Law – 45.06

Top Mixed Couples
1st – Eric Stahl and Dayle Stahl – 38.60
2nd – Colby Louden and Cierra Louden – 32.31
3rd – Shawn Lawson and Shalaine Lawsone -29.12

Top Adult Child
1st – Kurt Novak and Kodi Novak – 32.77
2nd – Shawn Melland and Colt Melland – 25.9

Hell Creek Full Results

Tiber Tournament – July 16-17

Top 5 Adult Teams
1st – Fischer, Matt and Hinderager, Ty – 59.76
2nd – Heinert, Matt and Copp, Travis – 37
3rd – Matson, Gordy and Helling, Kevin – 33.74
4th – Cook, Chet and Bennett, Casey – 21.76
5th – Kresge, Lance and Peterson, Dan Lewistown – 21.67

Top Mixed Couples
1st – Horinek, Mark and Horinek, Jalissa – 15.52
2nd – Thompson, Dustin and Thompson, Noah – 14.63
3rd – Mook, Brian and Mook, Savannah – 12.9

Top Adult Child
1st – Mann, John and Mann, Tristan – 21.35
2nd – McLean, Marty and Melone, Riley – 10.59
3rd – Forbes, Kevin and Forbes, Kolter – 8.52

Tiber Full Results

Crooked Creek Walleye Classic – May 13-14

Top 5 Adult Teams
1st – Chris Wanner and Cody Pixley – 74.24
2nd – Dean Pearson and Waylon Janousek – 71.64
3rd – Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram – 52.76
4th – Brook McConnell and Eric Pilbeam – 49.42
5th – Eddie Mindt and TAYLOR Mindt – 48.08

Top Mixed Couples
1ST – Cierra Loudon and Colby Loudon – 55.2
2nd – Eric Stahl and Dayle Sthal – 29.14
3rd – Wendi Ross and Bryce Loudon – 12.24

Top Adult Child
1st – Steve Kincaid and Sean Kincaid – 39.56
2nd – Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 24.18
3rd – Bill Novak and Dawson Brown -19.24

Crooked Creek Walleye Classic Full Results

Fresno Challenge – June 11-12

Top 5 Adult Teams
1st – Travis Scott and Kenie Williams – 42.94
2nd – Joshua Starkel and Jake Starkel – 39.46
3rd – Darren Raney and Scott Achilles – 38.28
4th – Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram – 28.02
5th – Chet Cook and Casey Bennett – 26.68

Top Mixed Couples
1st – Tim Marsh and Angel Marsh – 31.62
2nd – Todd LaFerriere and Melissa LaFerriere – 19.06
3rd – Brian Mook and Savannah Mook – 16.74

Top Adult Child
1st – Mike Dombrovski and Tristan Dombrovski – 22.40
2nd – Steve kincaid and Sean Kincaid – 19.90
3rd – Marty McLean and Riely Melone – 16.98

Fresno Challenge Full Results

Canyon Ferry Walleye Fest – June 25-26

Top Adult Teams
1st – Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine – 33.42
2nd – Gordy Matson and Kevin Helling – 26.49
3rd – Rob Mott and Dustin Flack – 26.21
4th – Chris McFadden and Brian Rooney – 25.40
5th – Travis Scott and Kennie Williams – 22.98

Top Mixed Couples
1st – Cory Jones and Reah Jones – 14.90
2nd – Brian Mooke and Savannah Mook – 14.34
3rd – Katie Berotlino and Cameron Nizdil – 13.31

Top Adult Child
1st – Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 18.36
2nd – Chris Kwasney and Blake Kwasney – 15.87
3rd – Steve Kincaid and Sean Kincaid – 14.47

Canyon Ferry Walleye Fest Full Results

Tiber Tournament July 16-17

Rock Creek June 4-5

Top 5 Adult Teams
1st – Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien – 40.56
2nd – Tanner Roth and Brad Anvik – 37.6
3rd – Kris Keller and Rush Whit – 36.98
4th – Trevor Verhasselt and Tom Kobeg – 36.68
5th – Brent Vinger and Garret long – 35.06

Top Mixed Couples
1st – Cierra Loudon and Colby Loudon – 30.38
2nd – Willy Hammer and Joyce Hammer – 30.16
3rd – Andy Rose and Same rose – 20.12

Top Adult Child
1st – Jesse Reuter and Jaxsen Reuter – 31.41
2nd – Cody Martinez and Cade McAllister – 31.28
3rd – Mike Dombrovski and Tristan Dombrovski – 17.24

Rock Creek Full Results

Gov Cup July 7-9

Hell Creek – July 23-24


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