Montana FWP ’15 and Forward

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has initiated a process called ’15 and Forward, this is a time to comment and attend meetings for the FWP next 10 year plan. Below is the meeting announcement and contact information. You can also read more information under "Walleye News"

We hope to see you on July 29 at 6pm. Please RSVP by Monday, July 27 and direct all questions to Deb O’Neill at or (406) 444-3755.

New Lunker Club!

Jennifer Graupmann caught this pig and took first prize for the largest Walleye. She and Julie DeMarsico took first place in the Women's Walleye Tournament at Tiber for Family Fun Days. The walleye weighed 11.4 lbs and was 30 1/2 inches long! Jennifer's first tournament ever! Congratulations and welcome to the Lunker Club!

Camp Walleye 2015

Great Falls Walleyes Unlimited hosting Kids Fishing Camp on August 14-16 at Tiber Reservoir. We will be accepting 50 applicants from boys or girls from ages 11-15. Included in the 3 day, 2 night camp are safety courses, on and off water activities, and a Fish, Wildlife and Parks sponsored safety course. Seminars on fishing techniques, technologies, strategies, uses of current fishing technologies, and spinner making are planned. We plan on having 2 to 3 children per boat for on the water instruction. Life jackets will be provided and are mandatory any time kids are on the water.

This will be an Adult Supervised Camp. Meals and tents will be provided. Girls are encouraged to attend, and will be housed in an all-female tent with female chaperones.

Each student will be responsible for his or her own personal equipment such as sleeping bags, personal items and appropriate clothing for the weather.

There is a $50.00 DONATION SUGGESTED for the camp to cover expenses. For more information click on the link below or call Pat Volkmar at 406-590-8425

2015 Camp Walleye

2015 Montana Walleye Circuit Top 100

TOP 10 Montana Walleye Circuit Standings after 3 events

1st Darell Archey and Bob Sherer

2nd Gordon and Tanya Matson

3rd Robert Hickey and Jason Mundel

4th Marlin Cross and Ken Seay

5th Casey Chovanak and Brian Olson

6th Thad Briggs and Stanley Ross

7th Kennie Williams

8th Dewey Volg

9th Kerry Parson and DOug Rohlf

10th Jason Hernandez and Jake Monroe


Click here for complete results!

2015 Walleye Tournament Applications

Below are the Official tournament dates for all Montana Walleye Tournaments, just updated! If you have a tournament application you would like posted, please send it to us with the new 2015 dates.

Fort Peck Challenge Tournament Applications
Rock Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - June 6-7
MT Governor's Cup - Fort Peck - July 9-11
Hell Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - July 25-26

Montana Walleye Circuit Tournament Applications
Fresno Walleye Challenge - Fresno - June 13-14
Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival - Canyon Ferry - June 27-28
Tiber Walleye Tourney - Lake Elwell - May 30-31
Fall Classic - Crooked Creek, Fourchette Bay - August 8-9

Other Tournament Applications
Jordan Ladies Tournament - Hell Creek - June 27th
Broad Water Rod and Gun Club - Canyon Ferry, Broadwater Bay - July 11
John Arnold Derby - Hauser Lake, York Bridge - August 8
Glasgow/Fort Peck Women’s Fishing Tournament - August 1st
Yellowtail Tournament - October 3-4
Yellowtail registration closes September 30th, the night of the rules meeting