FWP Commsion Meeting


ATTENTION Members! FWP Commision meeting date/location has changed.
Montana WILD - 2668 Broadwater Avenue - Helena, MT
DECEMBER 10, 2018
Times Are Approximate and Best Estimate Only - FWP Commission Meeting Agenda

Upper Missouri River 10-year FWP Survey


Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is reaching out to the public for information critical for an update to the Upper Missouri River Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan.

A public survey released this week asks anglers a wide variety of questions about their uses and preferences for the reservoir system and the adjacent stretches of Missouri River. The survey will be accompanied by a series of public meetings and open houses.

The Upper Missouri River Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan guides FWPís management of Canyon Ferry, Hauser and Holter Reservoirs, the Missouri River from Toston to Canyon Ferry and the river below Hauser dam. This will be the third revision of the plan. The previous two iterations were in place for 10 years each. The current plan is in place through 2019.

FWP held public meetings this past summer to collect input on management of these waterbodies. This survey and next round of public meetings are an extension of that effort.

Take the survey now! The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. For more information and history behind the management plan click here

The plan is to keep the survey open through December 28th (Friday) and begin survey analysis shortly thereafter.

Walleyes Unlimited and Upper Missouri River chapter members are asking for you comments and review of the proposed URM 10 year Management Plan. It is very important that we all submit our comments to the FWP website. The number of comments that they receive makes a major impact on their decision making. You can also send emails directly to Legislator Jacobson(Legislator for the Great Falls and surrounding area) and the rest of our State Representatives

Please contact your members and others and encourage them to send comments to the Commission at; fwcomm@mt.gov

The more we comments about our concerns that we submit the better chance we have of making a difference. As these State Officials stated there is power in numbers.

2018 Donation Deadline


ReminderóDecember 31 is the deadline to request donations from WUM. Applications received will be prioritized and forwarded to spring meeting which will be held in Glendive on March 23. Please see the Grant and donation form listed under the Club info tab.
Grant and Donation Form

State Convention


The State Convention will be in Glendive hosted by WP, Mon-Dak, and Glendive Chapter's on March 23, 2019.

Ice Fishing Derby's


2019 Central Montana Perch Derby Eastfork Res. January 19th & 20st , 2019 2019 Central Perch Derby