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Walleyes Unlimited State Meeting Info


Fall Meeting - Lewistown Sept 30th - State Meeting Reservations
Yogo Inn
211 NE Main St.
Lewistown, MT 59457
(406) 535-8721
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New Lunker(s) Club!


Tom and Roxanne Tubbs have had another great season on the water this year placing in many tournaments and chatching some great fish! It was not to long ago Roxann came to an Upper Missouri River WU meeting and said she does not fish, my how times have changed! Congratulations Tom and Roxanne!

Tom holding a 10# beauty from Canyon Ferry early this week.

Team Tubbs at Broadwater Rod & Gun – 32.75” 14.37# Big fish, 1st mixed couple & over all winner

Roxanne’s Hell Creek Tourney – 31” 12.06# - part of a total of 53.10 pounds for a 5th place finish

Top Fort Peck Series Anglers


Below are the top finishers for the FP Series going into the Hell Creek Tournament

1 - Dooley, Todd
2 - Ross, Wendi
2 - Wilcox, Owen
3 - Mundel, Jason
4 - McDowell, Brady
5 - Harrell, Larry
6 - Oyloe, Marty
7 - Baird, Joe
7 - Pitman, Angela
8 - Kempton, Josh
8 - Labatte, Lane
9 - Harada, Steve
9 - Harada, Traci
10 - Bechtold, Jason
10 - Bechtold, Justin

Click here for points and weight!

Top Montana Circuit Anglers


Complete official results will be posted after running all of the numbers. Below are the top finishers.

Angler of the year
Bob Hickey/Jason Mundel - 288.675
Kennie Williams/ Travis Scott - 288.604
Jake Monroe/Jeff Ingram - 282.196
Scott and Hunter Collinsworth - 271.677

MC Division
Jeff and Kim Meyer - 192.136
Tom and Roxanne Tubbs - 180.749
Dewey Vogl and Tessa Damuth - 179.193

AC Division
Scott and Hunter Collinsworth - 188.961
Wayne and Owen Wilcox - 186.655
Martin McLean and Caed Malone - 157.778

Super Team of the Year (Must of Fished ALL 4 Tournaments)
Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram - 367.381



August 18-20 - Great Falls Walleyes Unlimited will be hosting a Kids’ Fishing Camp on August 18,19,20 at Tiber Reservoir. We will be accepting 50 applicants from boys or girls from ages 11-15. Included in the 3 day, 2 night camp are safety courses, on and off water activities, and a Fish, Wildlife and Parks sponsored safety course. Seminars on fishing techniques, technologies, strategies, uses of current fishing technologies, and spinner making are planned. We plan on having 2 to 3 children per boat for on the water instruction. Life jackets will be provided and are mandatory anytime kids are on the water. (If children have their own life Jacket they are encouraged to bring them)

Click here for more information on our Kids Events!

2017 Montana Walleye Tournaments


August 26th
Hauser Lake