Ice Fishing Derbies approved for Montana

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks approved a number of ice fishing contests for 2015-2016.

The following ice fishing derbies are approved for the 2014-15 winter season:

Northwestern Montana, Region 1
Dec. 12, 2015 Perch Assault - Smith Lake
Dec. 13, Ice Duels Montana - Smith Lake
Dec. 20, Perch Masters - Lower Stillwater Lake
Dec. 26, Sunriser Lions Smith Lake Family Fishing Derby - Smith Lake
Jan. 23-24, Bull Lake Ice Fishing Derby - Bull Lake
Jan. 30-31, Fisher River Valley Winter Fishing Derby - Thompson Lake, et al
Feb. 1-28, Perch Pounder, 13th Annual - All Region 1 Waterbodies
Feb. 6, Snappy’s Lake Mary Family Derby, 16th Annual – Lake Mary Ronan
Feb. 13, Ryan Wagner Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Murphy Lake
Feb. 13-14, McGregor Lake Annual Fishing Derby - McGregor Lake
Feb. 20, Perch Assault - Middle Thompson Lake
Feb. 21, Ice Duels Montana - Echo Lake
Feb. 27, Canyon Kids Christmas Fund Derby - Lion Lake
March 5, Perch Assault - Lake Mary Ronan
March 12-13, Bitterroot Bash, 5th Annual - Bitterroot Lake

South-central Montana, Region 3
Jan. 17, Hebgen Lake NAIFC Qualifier - Hebgen Lake
Jan. 30, Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby - Clark Canyon Reservoir

North-central Montana, Region 4
Jan. 2, Scheels Ice Fishing Derby - Wadsworth Pond
Jan. 23, Western Bar Ice Fishing Derby - Willow Creek Reservoir
Jan. 23-24, Broadwater Lions Club Perch Derby - Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Northeastern Montana, Region 6
Jan. 30, Murph's 10th Annual Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament - Nelson Reservoir
Jan. 30-31, Fresno Ice Derby, 5th Annual - Fresno Reservoir
Feb. 20, 19th Annual Glasgow Chamber Ice Fishing Derby - Fort Peck/Marina Bay
Feb. 20, Hell Creek Ice Fishing Tournament - Fort Peck/Hell Creek Bay

Participants must comply with state fishing regulations, including daily and possession limits. Some contests require catch-and-release fishing and participants in these contests may not keep any fish. Contact information for each contest can be found at FWP's website at Click on "Fishing", then "Fishing Contests."

2015 Montana Walleye Circuit Top 100

TOP 10 Montana Walleye Circuit Standings after 3 events - Final

1st Travis Scott and Kennie Williams

2nd Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel

3rd Bob Sherer and Darrel Archey

4th Gordon and Tanya Matson

5th Casey Chovanak and Brian Olson

6th Scott Achilles and Darren Raney

7th Marlin Cross and Ken Seay

8th Thad Briggs and Stanley Ross

9th Tim Marsh and Leonard Roberts

10th Dustin Flack and Dewey Vogl


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