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2023 Crooked Creek Results – UNBELIEVABLE WEIGHTS!!!

Top 5 Finishers
1st – Matt Fisher and Ty Hinderager – 100.26
2nd – Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine – 99.08
3rd – Trevor Kleppelid and Brandon Reolandson – 96.08
4th – Jake Monrole and Jeff Ingram – 94
5th – Gage Gordan and Zeik Gordon – 84.11

1st – Dylan Sander and Maryssa Sander – 64.08
2nd – Andy Rose and Same Rose – 48.24
3rd – Colby Loundon and Cirerra Loundon – 34.78

1st – Steven Kincaid and Sean Kincaid – 48.36
2nd – Neege Nelson and Griffyn Nelson – 33.12
3rd – Trevor Simser and Keavin Simser – 25.25

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