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2020 Montana Circuit Results

Angler of the Year
1st – Dave Collinsworth and Kevin Corbitt
2nd – Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox
3rd – Justin Baumgartner and Steve Kincaid
4th – Matt Fischer and Ray Cole
5th – Steve Thomas and Jason Rager

Top 3 Mixed Couple of the Year
1st – Tom and Roxanne Tubbs
2nd – Brian and Savanah Mook
3rd – Rob and Brandi Mott

Top 3 Adult Child of the Year
1st – Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox
2nd – Kurt Novack and Kodi Novack
3rd – Cade Melone and Marty McLean

2020 Montana Circuit AOY
2020 Montana Circuit MC
2020 Montana Circuit AC

2020 Fort Peck Series Results

Angler of the Year
1st – Brett Normandy
2nd – Jason Eggebrecht
3rd – Ross Lien

Top 3 Teams of the year
1st – Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien
2nd – Jay Erickson and Garrett Long
3rd – Brandon Babb and Brady Babb

Top 3 Mixed Couple of the Year
1st – Clint Volbrecht and Megan Volbrecht
2nd – Andy Rose and Samantha Rose
3rd – Joye Murnion and Cal Phipps

Top Adult Child of the Year
1st – Mike Dombrovski and Tristan Dombrovski

2020 Fort Peck Series Results

2020 Fort Peck Series total Results

2020 Crooked Creek

Top 5 Overall
1st – Cierra Loudon and Colby Loudon – 97.03 lbs
2nd – Ziek Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 88.71 lbs
3rd – Andy Rose and Same Rose – 85.64 lbs
4th – Gage Gordon and Ben Wilcox – 84.64 lbs
5th – Shane Fuchs and Jon Stoller – 83.64 lbs

Crooked Creek Results

2020 Tiber

Top 5 Overall
1st – Kevin Forbes and Kolter Forbes – 30.86 lbs
2nd – Lance Kresge and Dale Persons – 29.36 lbs
3rd – Derrick Hedlen and Cory Jones – 23.92 lbs
4th – Gordy Matson and Tanya Matson – 23.44 lbs
5th – Ty Hinderager and Matt Fischer – 23.44 lbs

Adult Child
1st – Kevin Forbes and Kolter Forbes – 30.86 lbs
2nd – Kurt Novak and Kodi Novak – 23.24 lbs
3rd – Ziek Gordan and Owen Wilcox – 17.22 lbs

Mixed Couple
1st – Gordy Matson and Tanya Matson – 23.44 lbs
2nd – Tom Tubbs and Rozanne Tubbs – 20.12 lbs
3rd – Justin Davis and Dani Hamann – 18.40 lbs

Tiber Results

2020 Hell Creek

Top 5 Overall
1st – Trevor Kleppelid and Branden Rolandson – 66.32 lbs
2nd – Brett Normandy and Bruce Normandy – 62.18 lbs
3rd – Dominik Zimdars and Allan Harrington – 58.1 lbs
4th – Tim Davis and Bob Magnuson – 53.14 lbs
5th – Scott Sanson and Stuart Law – 52.22 lbs

Adult Child
1st – Chris Kwasney and Mariah Kwasney – 28.06 lbs
2nd – Dustin Flack and Luck Flack – 10.11 lbs
3rd – Gary Melland and Colt Melland – 3.27

Mixed Couple
1st – JR Rasmusan and Tyana Rasmusan – 39.42 lbs
2nd – Joye Murnion and Cal Phipps – 35.98 lbs
3rd – Willy Hammer and Joyce Hammer – 27.02 lbs

Hell Creek Results

2020 Rock Creek

Top 5 Overall
1st – Jay Erickson and Garrett Long – 36.96 lbs
2nd – Joseph Baird and Will Schilt – 29.96
3rd – Jesse Reuter and Jordan Dasinger – 27.56 lbs
4th – Brandon Babb and Gary Cayko – 27.24 lbs
5th – Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien – 28.83

Adult Child
1st – Owen Wilcox and Gage Gordon – 24lbs
2nd – Tyler Dahlberg and McKeever Dahlbert – 15.57 lbs
3rd – Mike Dombrovski and Tristan Dombrovski – 12.02 lbs

Mixed Couple
1st – Todd Dooley and Becky Lange – 24.60 lbs
2nd – Clint Volbrecht and Megan Volbrecht – 23.04 lbs
3rd – Ziek Gordon and Cierra Loundon – 20.48 lbs

Rock Creek Results

2020 Governors Cup

Top 5 Anglers
1st – Eggebrecht, Jason and Lien, Ross – 80.97 lbs
2nd – Polivka, Nick and Mally, Jeff – 65.36 lbs
3rd – Rose, Andy and Rose, Samantha – 62.96 lbs
4th – Hillius, Beau and Bachmeier, Kalin – 58.16 lbs
5th – Knox, Chadand Knox, Brad Ray – 56.76 lbs

Top 3 A/C
1st – Boyer, Kirk and Collinsworth, Hunter – 35.74 lbs
2nd – Wilcox, Owen and Gordon, Ziek – 29.51 lbs
3rd – Novak, Kurt and Novak, Kodi – 28.96 lbs

Top 3 M/C
1st – Rose, Andy and Rose, Samantha – 62.96 lbs
2nd – Herbold, Joe and Young, Hayley – 45.78 lbs
3rd – Volbrecht, Clint and Volbrecht, Megan – 33.94 lbs

Governors Cup Results

2020 Canyon Ferry

Top 5 Anglers
1st – Duane Visser/Time Fredrick – 21.54
2nd – Marty Mclean/Caed Melone – 20.36
3rd – Brian Clausen/John Steeples – 19.64
4th – Jason Rager/Travis Woodland – 17.96
5th – Kyle Vine/Colby Tognetti – 17.48

Top 3 A/C
1st – Marty Mclean/Caed Melone – 20.36
2nd – Zeik Gordon/Owen Wilcox – 17.27
3rd – Lee Payne/Trasten Payne – 10.33

Top 3 M/C
1st – Darren Rockafellow/Dina Rockafellow – 15.45
2nd – Brett Landwehr/Jeanie Newson – 14.08
3rd – Lonnie Wirtz/Christy Wirtz – 12.25

Canyon Ferry Results

2020 Fresno Challenge – Canceled

2020 Rock Creek

 Jay Erickson and Garrett Long both from Wolf Point won the 2020 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament with a total weight of 36.96 pounds.  Extreme southeast winds caused the cancellation of the first day of the tourney so Sunday became a one-day shoot-out.  Erickson and Long found an effective crankbait bite and bested the Runner-Up Team of Joe Baird from Gillette, WY, and Will Schilt of Riverton, WY by over seven pounds.   Baird and Schilt put together a very respectful 29.68 pounds on the scoreboard.  Baird caught his first 30” walleye pre-fishing and Schilt got his first 30” on that day.  Not many places besides Peck do you and your partner get in the 30” club in a few days of fishing…

Jesse Reuter from Sidney and Jordan Dasinger from Glendive wasn’t too far behind with 27.56 pounds and captured third place. The Mixed/Couple award went to Todd Dooley and Becky Lange both from Sidney and they ended up in 8th place overall. The Adult/Child winning team was Gage Gordon from Belgrade and Owen Wilcox from Laurel, who finished up 9th overall. 

The Largest Walleye Caught and Released was a 32 ¼ inch/13.69 pound beast caught by Jason Eggebrecht of Ft. Peck and Ross Lien of Glendive who finished in 5th place in the event.   The largest Northern Pike brought in was a 38” gator wrestled in by Don Pyrah of Lewistown and Pat Slater from Lovell, WY.   The Wolf Point Wild West Chapter Wee Walleye Award was a 5.5” monster that was battled in after a very lengthy scuffle by John Swenson of Miles City and JR Lund from Winnett.  Rumor has it that these two cowboys were nearly ready to toss in the towel before they got him into the minnow net. 

 A huge thank you goes out to all of our sponsors Joe Moline, Big Sky Fire Equipment, Rock Creek Marina, Budweiser, Nemont Beverage, Agland Wolf Point, Lakeridge Lodging & Baitshop, Will’s Office World, D & G Sports, Big Spring Water, Main St. Grocery Poplar, Ezzie’s Wholesale Inc., The Ole’ Mercantile, LLC, Mon-Dak Marine, Tractor & Equipment, Shipton’s Big R, Farmer’s Union Oil Jordan, Ryan’s Grocery, Fox Ford, Go Fish Installations, Joe Herbold Appraisals, Sportsman’s Taxidermy, Walmart, Scheels, Montana Tire Distributors, GS Oil, Fox River Rods, J and J Engraving Lewistown, and the Wolf Point Walleyes Chapter. Thanks to all the Patrol Boat operators, the Rock Creek Tournament staff, Monte and crew at Rock Creek Marina and all of the other folks that pitch in to help.  Lastly, a big thanks to all of the fishermen, fisherwomen and fisher kids that participate in and support the Rock Creek Walleye Tournament.

Rock Creek Results

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