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2021 Montana Circuit Final Results

2021 Fort Peck Series Wrap-up

Whit Rush from Wolf Point captured the 2021 Ft Peck Championship Series Angler of the Year award by winning the Rock Creek Tournament with Kris Keller and placing 3rd in the Montana Governor’s Cup with his wife Carly. Kris Keller, also from Wolf Point finished in 2nd place with the first place finish at Rock Creek with Whit and a 2nd place finish at Hell Creek with Cody Strohm from Richey. Stuart Law from Glasgow came in 3rd after a 6th place finish at The Gov Cup with Tyson Kleppelid from Circle and winning the Hell Creek Tournament with Scott Swanson, also of Glasgow, incidentally with an extremely impressive weight of 80.92 pounds. All of these awards are based on the best finish in two out of three events. This year we awarded a brand new prize and it’s based on the top finisher for all three events. This year’s Top Gun Award was won by Kris Keller with his 1st place at Rock, 21st place at Gov Cup and 2nd place at Hell Creek. A big thanks to Todd Koessl from K2 Laserworks for the awesome prize. The Team of Year was won by Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien both from Ft Peck. The two anglers won the Governor’s Cup for the second year in a row with an also impressive 74.47 pounds and finished in 5th place at Hell Creek. Zeik Gordan from Belgrade and Owen Wilcox of Laurel grabbed the second place award and also won the Adult/Child Competition. Coming in third was Mike Wenz and Marley Ziegler, both from Gillette, Wyoming. I was going to say it appeared like a home field advantage to the northeastern Montana folks but the guys from other parts of Montana and Wyoming proved me wrong, again. The second place team for Adult/Child was Jaxsen and Jesse Rueter from Sidney.

The Mixed/Couple award was won by Joyce and Willy Hammar from Malta who fished all three events together and their scores from Gov Cup and Hell Creek propelled them to their win. Second place was won by Cierra and Colby Loudon from Circle who fished Rock Creek and Hell Creek. Third place was nailed down by Dayle and Eric Stahl from Laurel who also fished all three events.

The largest Walleye Caught and released was pulled in by Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien on Day 2 of the Governor’s Cup and was a 32.25” and 13.69 pound beast. Congratulations to all the top finishing anglers. Awards will be given out at the Walleyes Unlimited State banquet next spring in Miles City. Thanks go out to all of our sponsors, the three tournaments, the Marina’s, the Patrol Boats, all of the volunteers, and all of the anglers. Look for the announcement of a potential brand new event for next year, too.

2021 Fort Peck Series Results

2021 Women’s Glasgow/Fort Peck Tournament

Top 5
Kelsey Kuehn and Kinsey Schwers – 33 lbs
Cindy Sundheim and Samantha Gross – 24.86 lbs
Jodi Kemp and Robin Schock – 16.54 lbs
Cassie Walker and Bonnie Zavada – 16.44 lbs
Betty Belakjon and Lorren Belakjon – 14.84

Women’s Glasgow/Fort Peck Final Results

2021 Tiber Tournament

Top 5 Overall
Matt Fischer and Ty Hinderager – 65.58 lbs
Gordy Matson and Kevin Helling – 36.72 lbs
Steve Thomas and Ray Cole – 32.58 lbs
Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine – 31.18 lbs
Kevin Forbes and Koller Forbes – 29.86 lbs

Top 3 MC
Justin Davis and Dani Hamann – 12.02 lbs
Dan Peterson and Wendy Berg – 10.93 lbs
Brian Mook and Savanah Mook – 9.55 lbs

Top 3 AC
Kevin Forbes and Kolter Forbes – 29.86 lbs
Steve Kincaid and Sean Kincaid – 23.74 lbs
Kurt Novak and Kodi Novak – 18 lbs

Tiber Tournament Final Results

2021 Gov Cup

Top 5 Overall
Jason Eggebrecht and Ross Lien – 74.47 lbs
Nate Chappell and Mike Chappell – 72.88 lbs
Whit Rush and Carly Rush – 66.23 lbs
Kenny Kepp and Shane Morse – 98.50
Adam Mord and Steve Mord – 58.17 lbs

Top 3 MC
Whit Rush and Carly Rush – 66.23 lbs
Scott Sudheim and Cindy Sundhiem – 48.48 lbs
Tood Dooley and Rebecca Lyons – 27 lbs

Top 3 AC
Mathew Williamson and Otto Williamson – 56.77 lbs
Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 55.28 lbs
Landon Holte and Carter Holte – 47.98 lbs

Gov Cup Final Results

2021 Canyon Ferry Classic

Top 5 Overall
Chad Rambo and Steve Worden – 35.95 lbs
Lance Kresge and Ted Kresge – 21.61 lbs
Colby Tognetti and Kyle Vine – 19.15 lbs
Jerry Baracker and James Corne – 16.74 lbs
Ben Walker and Joe Lipskis – 15.1 lbs

Top 3 MC
Marvin Monroe and Deb Monroe – 19.56 lbs
Tom Tubbs and Roxanne Tubbs – 12.14 lbs
Lonnie Wirtz and Christy Wirtz – 9.48 lbs

Top 3 AC
Mike and Tristan Dombrovski – 16.76 lbs
Steve and Sean Kincaid – 10.34 lbs
Kevin and Kolter Forbes – 9.19 lbs

Canyon Ferry Final Results

2021 Fresno Challenge

Top 5 Overall
Chad Rambo and Steve Worden – 24.76 lbs
Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel – 24.16 lbs
Steve Kincaid and Justin Baumgatner – 23.98 Lbs
Dean Pearson and Waylon Janousek – 22.32 lbs
Pat Slater and Don Pyrah – 19.17 lbs

Top 3 MC
Gary and Margo Perleberg – 18.92 lbs
Jason and Stephanie Hernandez – 17.5 lbs
Dan Peterson and Wendy Berg – 16.79 lbs

Top 3 AC
Kurt and Kodi Novak – 16.14 lbs
Kevin and Kolter Forbes – 15.46 lbs
Marvin Monroe and Trevor Hernandez – 13.44 lbs

Fresno Classic Results

2021 Rock Creek

Top 5 Overall
Kris Keller and Whit Rush – 63.78 lbs
Travis Scott and Kennie Williams – 38.80 lbs
Wayne Wilcox and Cody Strohm – 38.22 lbs
Justin Mindt and Casey Watson – 36.40 bs
Marley Ziegler and Mike Wenz – 30.94 lbs

Top 3 MC
JR Rasmusan and Tyana Synan – 25.38 lbs
Harlyn Olson and Haley Olson – 14.24 lbs
Kane Mury and Billie Mury – 12.24 lbs

Top 3 AC
Zeik Gordon and Owen Wilcox – 23.82 lbs
Scott Collinsworth and Hunter Collinsworth – 15.04 lbs
Gary Cayko and Brandon Babb – 13.78 lbs

Rock Creek Final Results

2021 Crooked Creek

Top 5 Overall
1st – Jake Monroe and Jeff Ingram – 60.76 lbs
2nd – Kyle DeBolt and Matt Heinert – 49.86 lbs
3rd – Nate Molstad and Jerry Molstad – 49.38 lbs
4th – Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel – 49.04 lbs
5th – Steve Thomas and Ray Cole – 44.76

Crooked Creek Results

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