2021 Montana Circuit Final Results

2021 Montana Circuit Kickoff

It’s hard to believe that the Winter issue is upon us!  Soon we will be thinking about fishing the open water again.  We are busy preparing for another Montana Walleye Circuit Season.  Also, in this issue you will find the entry forms for the tournaments.  Don’t be alarmed!  Here is the deal.  They still must all be approved by the FWP commission at their January meeting, and the magazine deadline is before they get approved-SO we have submitted them all for publication in this issue.

Here are the PRIMARY tournament dates as they have been submitted:

Montana Circuit Applications
Crooked Creek Walleye Classic – May 15-16
Fresno Challenge – June 12-13
Canyon Ferry Walleye Fest – June 26-27
Tiber Tournament – July 17-18

There was early concern about the status of the fishery on Fresno due to the low water conditions and uncertainty about when the reservoir would fill, so there is additional paperwork in place to hold have a tournament on Tiber in place of Fresno-IF FRESNO IS UNABLE TO HOLD their tournament as scheduled.   Thanks, Ray, for putting this paperwork in place to make sure we have 4 tournaments this year.  Please stay tuned!

There will be one big change however this coming year.  Their will be an alternative scoring format that utilizes the catch, photo, release concept to record your fish available to tournament directors utilize for the 2021 Montana Walleye Circuit season.  That does not mean all tournaments will be using the format this year—it will be determined by the individual tournament directors!  To explain, there are a couple of reasons driving this change.  Firstly, it is increasingly difficult to find volunteers, and secondly health concerns due to COVID 19 this past spring, put us in a position that we have to find options that rely on fewer volunteers.  Ray has done a lot of work on this and will be using the alternative scoring format on Tiber this year.  Anglers fishing Tiber must bring a camera capable of using an SD card to photo document the fish that are caught by each team. An SD card and standardized measuring “ruler” will be provided to each team.   The details are not completely firmed up but there will be some “how-to’s” and facts sheets and demonstrations included in the angler packets and rules meeting.

Please watch the Montana Walleye FACEBOOK page for additional information including a recorded/live session that will talk about the alternative scoring format and another session that will review the 2021 rules.  We are asking anglers to watch the recorded session of the 2021 rules meetings prior to fishing in any MWC event.  This will help streamline the Friday night rules meetings.  If you don’t already follow us on FACEBOOK, check it out and follow the Montana Walleye Circuit.

See ya’ soon on the water!