Canyon Ferry 2020 – The Montana Walleye Circuit Facebook page will carry the rules meeting at 7 pm this coming Friday. Please download a copy of the 2020 Montana Walleye Circuit rules and bring them with you. 

Montana Walleye Circuit News for 2019

We are well underway preparing for the 2019 Montana Walleye Circuit season! There will be four tournaments again this year. Unfortunately, we were not able to add a fifth tournament this year, but 2019 will be a great year with for our anglers and our sponsors as well, and we will not give up on our pursuit of an additional tournament for 2020. Remember to attend the State meeting in Glendive on March 23, 2019 where we will be presenting the awards for the 2018 Montana Walleye Circuit season. 

While we are waiting for open water again, please take time to be involved in the public scoping for the Fisheries management plan and send in your comments. The Montana FWP is responsible for managing our fisheries and they are asking that we provide input to help them make management decisions. Don’t forget to mention that the dollars Tournament anglers spend are a huge economic impact to our local and state economies. 

The tournament dates and Tournament directors are listed as follows. The entry forms are also in this issue. There are some notable changes on the forms! Please make checks payable to the Montana Walleye Circuit and mail them directly to Tammy. The tournament directors are listed here below, be sure and thank these folks for their work making great tournaments: 

Ron Craig, Crooked Creek Tournament—May 4 and 5. Ronnie’s number is 406-366-2745. 
Ray Cole, Tiber Tournament—May 18 and 19. Rays phone is 406-868-2028. 
Steve Chvilicek, Fresno Tournament—June 8 and 9. Chili’s phone is 406-262-3199. 
Shawn Jacobs, Canyon Ferry Tournament—June 22 and 23. Shawn’s phone is 406-431-0742. 

If you have questions about TOURNAMENT details please call the directors listed above. If you have questions about entries—PLEASE CALL TAMMY PYRAH at 406-366-0898. She has agreed to take all entries this year to help the tournament directors and allow them to focus on preparation for making their tournaments better. 

As always—Don and I look forward to working hard for all of you. Our sponsors and anglers are important to us and please let us know what we can do to make your tournament experiences better! 


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