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Dear Chapter Presidents, Boards and Members:

The 2016 State Meeting and Banquet are fast approaching and we wanted to get out some information to everyone regarding the event.

The State Meeting and Banquet will be hosted by the Gallatin-Madison Chapter in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, April 30th.

The below forms are provided to inform everyone of the meeting location, our host Hotel, the Banquet Venue and what we have planned for those in attendance. We have a lot in the works to make this a memorable event, while accomplishing the important task of holding the spring meeting of Walleyes Unlimited of Montana.

Here are the meeting and banquet locations for each event:
Host Hotel/Meeting Space: Best Western Grantree Inn
1325 North 7th Avenue Bozeman, Montana 59715
Direct: (406) 587-5261
Toll-Free Reservation Line: (800) 624-5865
Room Rate: $89.00 per night
60 Rooms have been blocked out for April 29th and 30th.

Walleye Banquet Venue:
Montana State University, Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
1 Bobcat Circle
Bozeman, Montana 59717

In addition to the meetings and banquet, and in order to provide activities for those not attending the meetings, we are arranging a downtown tour on Saturday with shopping, lunch, and a scavenger hunt with a number of local businesses. We are also working to arrange a trip to the Museum of the Rockies. We encourage everyone to bring family and friends to the State Meeting and Banquet and enjoy all that Bozeman has to offer! We will be able to accommodate up to 300 people attending the State Meetings at the Grantree Inn, and have planned for 800 people at the Banquet on Saturday evening. A schedule of events has been included with this letter for your reference. We would like to get an estimated head count from each Chapter for the Meeting and the Banquet in order to prepare enough seating and tables, food and drink and to ensure we have everyone accommodated.

For those traveling from out of our area, tickets for the banquet can be ordered by contacting me directly at either of the following:
Todd Mitchell, Treasurer, Gallatin Madison Chapter Phone: (406) 570-9121 E-mail:

Below is the ticket ordering form which can be mailed with payment to the following:
Gallatin Madison Chapter, Walleyes Unlimited
PO Box 1024 Bozeman, MT 59714

If you are in our area, we have tickets available at the following retailers:
Sportsman’s Warehouse, N. 19th Avenue, Bozeman
Murdoch’s Supply, N. 7th Avenue, Bozeman
Murdoch’s Supply, Jackrabbit Lane, Four Corners
Valley Barber, South Broadway, Belgrade
American Legion, Main Street, Manhattan
Town Club Bar, Main Street, Three Forks
Silos KOA, Silos Road, Townsend

We need some assistance from every Chapter throughout the State! We will have a rolling photo/video presentation running during the Banquet and need to get photos and/or short video clips of projects, Kid’s Fishing Days, members’ fishing photos and anything else you may want to see on the big screens relating to Walleyes Unlimited, what we do, and who we are. We want to be able to show everyone what our organization is about, the work we’ve accomplished and how we’re promoting warm water fishing in every region of Montana. Photos/videos can be e-mailed directly to If you have a larger collection that you would like us to use, you can mail us a CD or flash drive with everything you want included. Additionally, we are looking for vendors, suppliers and sponsors to help make this a successful event. We have several booth spaces available for businesses that would like to promote their products and services during the Friday Night meet and greet social, or at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse during the banquet. If you know of anyone that may be interested in participating, please have them contact us directly for additional information. We have prepared a separate Sponsorship Opportunities Packet that provides all the information they will need. We are looking forward to hosting this year’s Spring Meeting and the State Banquet and hope that we see a large number of attendees from everywhere across the State. April is a great time of year here in Bozeman and we know that everyone will enjoy what our Chapter, our City, area businesses and members have put together for you.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the following Gallatin-Madison Chapter Board Members: Roger Terwillager, President, 580-1536 Duane Visser, Vice President, 580-1601, Todd Mitchell, Treasurer, 570-9121, Richard Tramp, Secretary, 570-9824

Thanks Everyone – Look forward to seeing you in April!

State Banquet Flyer
State Banquet Tickets

WU State Board Meeting – April 30, 2016, Grantree Inn, Bozeman

7:00 a.m. BREAKFAST

8:00 a.m. Call meeting to order
* Pass out information packet
* Call for Proxies
* Introductions
* Read minutes
8:20 a.m. Laura Hanna – Special Olympics
8:35 a.m. Chas VanGendren - Hell Creek Funding – Bob Gilbert, Duncan Bartholomew
9:00 a.m. Dave Jeseritz, Chief Enforcement Officer for Gambling
9:30 a.m. Officers’ reports
* Treasurer – Mike Butzlaff
* Membership & Communications - Mike Sedlock
* Website – Dave Sedlock
* Fish Tales – Hope Good
* Executive Director & Lobbyist – Bob Gilbert
* AIS Boat Inspections

10:00 a.m. BREAK

10:15 a.m. Bob Klein - 501(c)3 as it relates to sponsoring groups outside our organization

10:30 a.m. Old Business

* Walleyes Unlimited information on website
* List awards – past winners
* Application deadlines
* Where to send applications

10:45 a.m. New Business

* Examine contracts - Signed agreements
* Board Policies
* Storage of same
* Election of Regional Directors – Region 2 and Region 4
11:10 a.m. Warm Waters Fisheries Association – Roy Ereaux
11:20 a.m. Warm, Cool, Coldwater Coalition – Chancee Jeske, Bob Hickey
11:35 a.m. Ramp at Nelson Reservoir – John Demarais
11:50 a.m. Examine request from Montana Wildlife Federation to sign Joint Angler Resolution against illegal fish introduction
Note: We signed document with FWP concerning dispersion of funds in this regard

Schedule Next Meeting

* Glasgow and Great Falls Chapters will make presentation
* Members will vote on next location


Presidents Message

Once again Christmas is upon us. It seems the older I get the faster time goes. As the year comes to an end, I am reminded of the issues and concerns that Walleyes Unlimited has been involved with.

The most recent, discovery of illegal planting of walleye in Swan Lake comes to mind. Our organization has long been adamantly opposed to illegal plating of fish, whether it be warm water or cold water species. We have also pledged $10,000.00 to aid in the prosecution and conviction of the individuals involved.

The fishing community itself is made up of a very diverse group of people. Among our group are people from all walks of life. There is no discrimination as to age, gender, color, religion, political persuasion or station in life. You can invest as little or as much as you deem appropriate in this pursuit, and still enjoy the benefits it has to offer. Whether you are a dedicated fisherman in pursuit of walleye, norther pike, bass, catfish, trout or any other species, we are all bound together by a single thread running through our fishing community and that is our shared love of ‘going fishing’.

While this great sport is enjoyed by such a large and diverse group of individuals, it’s future opportunities is dependent on these same individuals maintaining an equal degree of responsibility in regard to respecting other members of our fishing community who prefer to fish for a different species. It is important that all of us as members of the diverse fishing community refrain from promoting our preference of species by participating in illegal transplanting of fish, be it warm water or cold water species.

There are procedures in place to provide input and direction in the managing of individual species. We have and will continue to participate vigorously in these legal avenues to enhance the habitat and fishing opportunities for walleyes in the state of Montana.

Merry Christmas and may Santa Clause put a shiny new lure under the tree with your name on it!

Roy Ereaux

Message from Bob Gilbert

I am writing this article on Christmas Day and thinking about how our new year will be. What kind of issues will be facing us during the next year and into the Legislative Session of 2017. Just like the Boy Scouts we need to "be prepared".

Emergency rules have been adapted by the FWP Commission regarding the unauthorized introduction of Walleye into Swan Lake. In a nutshell, the rules require anyone who catches a Walleye in Swan Lake to immediately kill the fish, keep it in their possession, whole, and notify FWP of the catch, then turn the fish over to FWP. There are some pretty significant penalties for failure to comply, including the loss of license privileges. Walleyes Unlimited of Montana strongly opposes the unauthorized introduction of any species of fish into Montana waters. There are strong laws on the books to punish any offenders who do these introductions, as it should. As for the fisherman (woman) who catches a Walleye in this lake and fails to comply with the new rules the penalties begs discussion. As a Legislator, I once asked Chief Justice Gene Turnage what was the best thing I could do for our citizens. His answer: "Quit making criminals out of them". Civil penalties ?

Other issues will, possibly, be some of the following: The lack of a reasonable daily catch limit on Walleyes below Holter Dam. Funding for Aquatic Invasive Species (beware boat owners). Transportation of live fish in the Eastern Region of the State, " East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet", there is a difference, no cookie cutters. Hatchery funding and operation. Fishing access issues.

Another big one is the action taken by the Parks Commission to do away with Hell Creek State Park by 2021 if additional funding methods are not enacted. Our members need to get involved with this issue. I will keep on top of it also.

We will have a discussion on these issues at our Annual Meeting and go from there.

Have a safe winter and watch out for thin ice !

Catch ya later.




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To: Regional Directors, Chapter Presidents and other information providers

At the October 2010 State meeting, the Board approved creating policy for all incoming information for our website and Fish Tales magazine. The goal of this policy is to improve and ensure that all information is equally distributed to all of our news media. In addition, the Board approved creating the Communications Director position to receive, document and route the information and develop goals for gathering information that would be of interest and benefit to our membership. Therefore, all information needs to be routed through this email address; This is not to say that you cannot send information directly to the Webmaster or Fish Tales Editor but does require that you also include this email address with your correspondence.

Mike Sedlock, Communications Director
PO Box 1293
East Helena, MT 59635
Phone: (C) 465-0031



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Also recommend asking her to reply confirming that she received
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For those persons not having internet service it can be mailed to;
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Walleyes Unlimited of Montana (WUM) is the largest sport fishing organization in Montana with over 4,000 members. It was formed and incorporated in 1983 to inform and educate the public about the importance of warm water sport fishing in Montana and to support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries and develop a hatchery program which can accommodate the needs of warm water fishing. Montana walleye sanctioned tournaments require that you be a member of WUM to fish these tournaments in order to collect prize money. WUM has no administrative authority for any tournament; they are administered by a separate board of directors.


The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes or to foster national or international sports competition under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Improve and conserve walleye and other warm water fish in suitable bodies of water:

Organize and educate fisherman to promote walleye and warm water fishing:

Develop and maintain forage fish programs in suitable bodies of water:

Support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries and develop a hatchery program which can accommodate the needs of warm water fishing:

Support any worthwhile fishing, hunting, wildlife or recreational program organized for pleasure, or other non-profitable purpose:

Dedicate its members by social and educational means to the conservation and propagation of warm water fish; to support true sportsmanship in a lawful and legal manner among those who fish; to promote and encourage good fellowship among sportsmen; to encourage support of fish and game laws; to work for the respect and knowledge of the just rights of property owners’ and to work for, support and encourage a close, friendly relationship between property owners and sportsmen:

Dedicated to introducing youths to fishing; educate them to become ethical and responsible sportsmen that respect and conserve fish and wildlife, respect and preserve our public lands and public access and abide by fish and game laws and acknowledge the just rights of property owners.

Have a positive presence in our local Chapter communities through participation in worthwhile projects and activities.



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Members are encouraged to review and comment on the proposed Bylaws amendments

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