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The meeting will be in Havre at the Ice Dome on April 11, 2015. A block of rooms are now available for Walleye Members at the Great Northern Inn, be sure to tell them that your with Walleyes Unlimited! Phone: 406-265-4200 . Additional information will be sent as it becomes available. There will be a drawing for a gold plated Henry Commemorative rifle at the banquet. No advance tickets will be sold, they will only be sold to banquet attendees.

Please send nominations for the awards to Roy ASAP so the committees have time to review them prior to the State Banquet. The nominations needed are for the Jim Rettig Award, Hall of Fame, Youth Awards. Please go to Club Info/Forms and Applications to submit your nomination.




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To: Regional Directors, Chapter Presidents and other information providers

At the October 2010 State meeting, the Board approved creating policy for all incoming information for our website and Fish Tales magazine. The goal of this policy is to improve and ensure that all information is equally distributed to all of our news media. In addition, the Board approved creating the Communications Director position to receive, document and route the information and develop goals for gathering information that would be of interest and benefit to our membership. Therefore, all information needs to be routed through this email address; This is not to say that you cannot send information directly to the Webmaster or Fish Tales Editor but does require that you also include this email address with your correspondence.

Mike Sedlock, Communications Director
PO Box 1293
East Helena, MT 59635
Phone: (C) 465-0031



2015 Nomination Forms

Sponsor of the Year

Youth Award

Hall of Fame

Individual Recognition Award

Jim Rettig Memorial Scholarship Application - PDF Form

Club Forms and Applications



Highly recommend Emailing it so that you have a record of delivery,
the Email address is:
Also recommend asking her to reply confirming that she received
it. Then make a note on your copy documenting her confirmation date.

For those persons not having internet service it can be mailed to;
741 3rd Avenue South
Glasgow, MT 59230
Attention: Doris Leader
If mailing, send it certified mail or confirmed mail delivery.

2014 Tax Form

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Liability Insurance Form

Travel Expense Form

Membership Form

2015 Fishing Tournament Applications

*Tournament Contestants - Please Note*

Changes have been made to the tournaments since the Fish Tales magazine was printed and some have incorrect dates plus other information. The applications on our website contain the correct information as of 2/1/2014.

Fort Peck Challenge Tournament Applications
Rock Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - June 6-7
MT Governor's Cup - Fort Peck - July 9-11
Hell Creek Tournament - Fort Peck - July 25-26

Montana Walleye Circuit Tournament Applications
Fresno Walleye Challenge - Fresno - June 13-14
Canyon Ferry Walleye Festival - Canyon Ferry - June 27-28
Tiber Walleye Tourney - Lake Elwell - May 30-31
Fall Classic - Crooked Creek, Fourchette Bay - August 8-9

Other Tournament Applications
Broad Water Rod and Gun Club - Canyon Ferry, Broadwater Bay - July 11
John Arnold Derby - Hauser Lake, York Bridge - August 8
Glasgow/Fort Peck Women’s Fishing Tournament - August 1st
Yellowtail Tournament - October 3-4



Walleyes Unlimited of Montana (WUM) is the largest sport fishing organization in Montana with over 4,000 members. It was formed and incorporated in 1983 to inform and educate the public about the importance of warm water sport fishing in Montana and to support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries and develop a hatchery program which can accommodate the needs of warm water fishing. Montana walleye sanctioned tournaments require that you be a member of WUM to fish these tournaments in order to collect prize money. WUM has no administrative authority for any tournament; they are administered by a separate board of directors.


The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes or to foster national or international sports competition under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Improve and conserve walleye and other warm water fish in suitable bodies of water:

Organize and educate fisherman to promote walleye and warm water fishing:

Develop and maintain forage fish programs in suitable bodies of water:

Support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries and develop a hatchery program which can accommodate the needs of warm water fishing:

Support any worthwhile fishing, hunting, wildlife or recreational program organized for pleasure, or other non-profitable purpose:

Dedicate its members by social and educational means to the conservation and propagation of warm water fish; to support true sportsmanship in a lawful and legal manner among those who fish; to promote and encourage good fellowship among sportsmen; to encourage support of fish and game laws; to work for the respect and knowledge of the just rights of property owners’ and to work for, support and encourage a close, friendly relationship between property owners and sportsmen:

Dedicated to introducing youths to fishing; educate them to become ethical and responsible sportsmen that respect and conserve fish and wildlife, respect and preserve our public lands and public access and abide by fish and game laws and acknowledge the just rights of property owners.

Have a positive presence in our local Chapter communities through participation in worthwhile projects and activities.



By Laws

Members are encouraged to review and comment on the proposed Bylaws amendments.

Current Bylaws

Proposed Amendments