Camp Walleye / Fishing Family Fun Day 2022

The 22nd “Camp Walleye” and “Fishing for Family Fun Days” are in the books for year.

Over the years Camp Walleye has evolved and most recently become a one-day camp for kids and a second day encouraging families to camp and enjoy a family fun fishing day. This year we had as many families involved with “Fishing Family fun Day” as kids involved in Camp Walleye and love that families spent their weekend outdoors and learning about the sport of fishing. This year the weather was a cooker!  With the assistance of water and liquid IV’s the approaching 100 degrees did not detour our boat captains and campers. They were troopers.   

Camp Walleye housed 36 kids and 5 chaperons who boarded the bus at 6am from Great Falls and arrived at Tiber close to 8:30 am ready to fish. The fish bit was also hot with over 421 fish caught that day.  300 walleye, 101 perch, 7 Northern Pike, 12 Misc. fish and 1 trout. No question why it is called Camp Walleye!  Awards and dinner were served and the bus loaded back up at around 8:30 pm making it back to Great Falls close to 10.  As always our chaperons reported a much quieter bus ride as many were very tired and with new digits of friends made that day.

Our Winners!

28” Walleye   by Savatore Bergeron

32.25” Northern Pike by Christian Dabbdoub – Olivera

13” Perch by Wyatt Smith

11” Trout by Khole Nash

29” Carp (Misc. Fish) by Cooper Fairbanks

As always, we cannot stress that camp would not happen without our committed boat captains. No camper was left out of catching fish this year and even more amazing was that several kids caught over 25 fish themselves in the one day. OUTSTANDING!!!

Family Fun Day also was a hit with many groups catching fish. The day began early with a great breakfast and lunch served by the famous marina catering and red spoons ladies.  The day was capped off with an awards ceremony at the end after lunch and some parting words from the coordinators of the day. 

This camps mission has always been about teaching the youth of our state about the sport of fishing and what you can do if you have good work ethics.  A huge thank you to all who donate, participate, volunteer!


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