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*Applications must be received by December 31 of each year

Is there anyone available to come for a brief presentation to the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana, membership group at the annual meeting held in the spring.    As an applicant, you will be notified of the location by the committee chairman.    

Submissions for donations received prior to December 31 of each year will be considered for award after January 1 at the annual meeting held in the spring (usually in February or March).  Applications received after January 1, will not be considered until the following year. Applications will be reviewed and prioritized by the donations committee and will be presented to the voting members at the annual meeting for award determination.  

The information provided to Walleyes Unlimited of Montana donations committee is true and accurate.  Recipients must complete the project within two years or must submit an addendum why more time is required. If the project has been postponed indefinitely  the donation must be returned to Walleyes Unlimited of Montana in its entirety.  Projects should display the Walleyes Unlimited of Montana logo when possible.  Further, the applicant is solely responsible for assuring that all laws, permits,  regulations, or other requirements pertaining to the donations’ usage are fulfilled.  Additionally, the donation from Walleyes Unlimited of Montana may not be used for political purposes. 

Please fill out the online form. If you prefer to use a paper printed form, please download here:

Grants and Donations Printable Form


The organization is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and/or scientific purposes or to foster national or international sports competition under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code.

Improve and conserve walleye and other warm water fish in suitable bodies of water.

Organize and educate fisherman to promote walleye and warm water fishing.

Develop and maintain forage fish programs in suitable bodies of water.

Support building and maintaining suitable warm water fish hatcheries and develop a hatchery program which can accommodate the needs of warm water fishing.

Support any worthwhile fishing, hunting, wildlife or recreational program organized for pleasure, or other non-profitable purpose.

Dedicate its members by social and educational means to the conservation and propagation of warm water fish; to support true sportsmanship in a lawful and legal manner among those who fish; to promote and encourage good fellowship among sportsmen; to encourage support of fish and game laws; to work for the respect and knowledge of the just rights of property owners’ and to work for, support and encourage a close, friendly relationship between property owners and sportsmen.

Dedicated to introducing youths to fishing; educate them to become ethical and responsible sportsmen that respect and conserve fish and wildlife, respect and preserve our public lands and public access and abide by fish and game laws and acknowledge the just rights of property owners.

Have a positive presence in our local Chapter communities through participation in worthwhile projects and activities.


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